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Suzana Mustra By Suzana Mustra, 16th Apr 2016 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Addicted to the cigarettes?! Read some of my tips and stop today. Today is the right time.

It's time to stop

Cigarettes for a smoker are like a drug to an drug addict.They are drugs if you think carefully.Just because you can buy them in the supermarket it doesn't mean that they don't cause a very serious addiction.I remember when I was smoking.My pack of cigarettes was always in my bag,in my pocket, on my table. Not to talk when you drink coffee or wine. It's not possible to drink without a nice ltitle smelly cigarette.
Than you see that you have only few cigarettes left and it's late at night. So you start nervously counting : ok two or three more this evening or more?! And tomorrow morning with the coffee?! Are they going to be enough?! Stop!!!!!!
Are you joking?! Do you recognize yourself?! I do! A huge panic over number of cigarettes left. A beautiful smell of clothes, hair and curtains, yellow nails and hands. Come on.
I know it is quite easy to talk for a person who doesn't smoke not to smoke but here are my tips (and believe me I was totally crazy for the cigarettes):
Or you read that famous book (and it's not a joke ) that tells you to continue smoking during the whole time while you're reading. It really works trust me and it doesn't tell you to stop smoking. You just stop. How?! Read it. It is called "it's easy to stop smoking if you know how"
if you have a newborn baby or children in house respect them and stop sucking that smelly stick called cigarettes because if not you'll see one day your 16 month son trying to do the same thing. He thinks that all the things that parents do are quite cool....
if you have some serious caught during the night, heart problems... and if you don't... you'll have them if you continue smoking
imagine all the money that you can save... I was spending like 10 dollars a day together with my husbands just on cigarettes.... And you don't think that it's 300 dollars a month.... you need that cigarettes and you will pay all the money on the world
But do you really need them?! You know the answer. You can enjoy your wine without cigarettes. If you decide only thing that you need to do is to STOP. Not by decreasing the number of cigarettes or telling yourself that you'll smoke only in this or that occasion. This and that occasion becomes every day and every hour and every half an hour. Just stop for good. Leave that monster away from your life. You don't need it. Trust me. I don't any more. Hallelujah
It's easy to stop smoking
The book is:
Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: The Easyway To Stop Smoking


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