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This article will discuss diet and nutrition for those living with diabetes. The article will discuss the two different types of diabetes there are and how to keep them under control.

There Are Two Types of Diabetes

Lets discuss the two types for some of you who are unfamiliar with them. Your body digests food and breaks it down into energy. There are a few things that happen when your body digests the food. A sugar that enters your body is known as glucose, which is a source of fuel for the body. You have an organ in your body called the pancreas, which makes insulin and the insulin is used to push the glucose from your bloodstream into your liver cells, fat cells and muscles, where it will be stored and used to fuel your body. The reason why people with diabetes have high blood sugar is because their body can not move the sugar into their liver, muscle and fat cells. There can be two reasons for this or both. Their body cells do not respond to insulin or the pancreas does not make enough insulin. There are two different types of diabetes.

The Two Different Types Of Diabetes

Type One Diabetes

There is type one, which seems to be most diagnosed in children or young adults. This type of diabetes requires that the person has to take daily insulin shots. This is because the body makes little or no insulin. The cause of this type of diabetes seems to be unknown. My neighbor who lives across the street from me has this type. This type requires you to test your sugar level by piercing your fingertip and placing a sample of your blood on a test strip which is used with a portable device which will give you your sugar count. These portable devices come with a device that looks like a pen, which pierces your finger to get your blood count. You simply push it down like a pen, place it on your fingertip and push the top down. This will cause the needle to pierce your finger in a split second enabling you to get your blood sample. I tried this on myself and it was basically painless although I heard the traditional method of getting a blood sample could be painful to most. When my neighbor has to take an insulin shot, she uses a very tiny needle and injects it into her belly, which doesn't hurt her. To try to maintain her sugar level at a reasonable rate she also eats her meals within the same time frame each day.

Type Two Diabetes

The other type of diabetes is known as type two diabetes and this type usually occurs mostly in adults. This type of diabetes can be controlled by medication can be controlled by a few different ways. When you go to see your doctor he/she would most likely recommend a few things listed below:

1) The doctor will most likely place you on medication in a pill form that you would take on a daily basis. There are several different types of medication that the doctor can prescribe you. The doctor will prescribe the best medication that is suited for you as every situation is different.

2) The doctor may place you on a restricted diet with certain medications and once again every case is different. This decision is based solely on the doctors diagnosis and you should never listen to anyone else except your doctor!

3) Your doctor may advise you and place you on a specific exercise program.This may help control your blood glucose levels. Two known factors to help with your diabetes are eating healthy and an exercise program.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

There are many available blood glucose(sugar count) monitoring meters that you will find in your local stores. The price range on these items range from $19.99 and up, but an ideal one would usually cost about $60.00. These testing meters are usually covered by most insurance companies. You can check with your insurance company and then have your doctor write you a prescription for one. You can then get it through your local pharmacy for free or whatever your co-pay may be.

How Many Are Affected By Diabetes

There are also more than over 20 million Americans who suffer from diabetes and more than over 40 million Americans have pre diabetes. Doctors are claiming that if you have a family member who has diabetes, you have a greater chance of getting it. They are also claiming that a lot of people have type two diabetes and don't even know it! Doctors are also saying that people who have type two diabetes, which develops slowly that have high blood sugar have no symptoms.

There are some symptoms that can be caused by high blood sugar, which include blurry vision, excessive thirst, fatigue, hunger, urinating often and weight loss.

There are tests that can be given to check to see if you have diabetes by urinalysis tests and blood work. If you feel that you may be a diabetic or have some of these symptoms, go to your doctor for a checkup. This is why it is important to go to your doctor for routine checkups so if you are diagnosed with diabetes you are able to treat it at an early stage.

Eating Properly Can Help Lower Your Blood Sugar

My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with type two diabetes. She has been really watching what she eats. She controls her diabetes by eating three meals a day along with two snacks. Her doctor helped her put together a low sugar diet and she seems to be doing a lot better in controlling her diabetes.

My girlfriend purchased a few books on Amazon and I was amazed with the low sugar and healthy meals the books have! I’m thinking that all diabetics eat really bland meals totally tasteless, but that’s not true. How do I know? Because my girlfriend is cooking meals out of these books and I wanted to support her, so I’m eating them along with here. I’m sure it will also do me good, because I went to my doctors and she told me that my cholesterol is a little high.

Diabetes Doesn't Have to Change Our Entire Life!

We are able to control our diabetes as long as we follow the doctors orders. I can not stress this enough as this is the most important part! When I was younger I had usually had a hard time complying with doctors orders. But now at the age of 51, I follow everything she tells me. Keep in mind that the doctors are not our enemies but here to help us!

Many diabetic/low sugar food is not bad at all and depending how bad your diabetes is, you can have some of your favorite treats in moderation. With this being said, I will state that I am not a doctor and neither are you! Check with your doctor and get a full checkup and FOLLOW HIS/HER ADVICE ONLY!

Diabetic Recipe Cookbooks

There are many diabetic/low sugar cookbooks available which offers a large selection of delicious easy to prepare meals ans desserts. There are even some E-books that you can download for free through Amazon. They also have many paperback and hard covers as well. My girlfriend loves the ones she has purchased and I think you will too. If you invite some of your friends or relatives over for dinner and make them a meal from one of these cookbooks, I bet unless you tell them that this was a diabetic meal, they wouldn't be able to tell!


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