Eating Less Meat = More Healthy

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Could you be healthier just by cutting out some meats?

Eating Less Meat = More Healthy

The majority of people are not vegetarians but there is a small minority of people who are vegetarians and these people lead healthy and satisfying life’s. Could it be that cutting out meat in their diet makes them more healthier than meat eaters?

Despite this many people can’t make this lifestyle change but that doesn’t mean that they can’t cut some meat from their diet. It does not even need to be big cuts, it could just be something as simple as using vegetable fat instead of animal fat when deep fat frying (chips/fries honestly taste a lot better when fried in vegetable fat).

There are several benefits of cutting meat from your diet, the first one being that vegetarians have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. However you don’t need to totally cut meat from your diet to enjoy the other benefits.

Another benefit of cutting meat from your diet or not eating meat altogether is that you will have more money as meat is one of the most expensive foods you can get. It may just help you save up for something you have wanted.

This would be an amazing excuse to use the garden to grow your own vegetables, so not only are you getting a healthier diet but you are helping the environment by being more green.

If you are eating less meat then you will be eating more grains, fruit and vegetables which means you will be eating less calories, saturated fats and cholesterol. You will be enjoying a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre.

When eating a meal with meat always try to eat the vegetables before you start on the meat as most vegetables contain a lot of fibre and this will help digest the insane amount of saturated fat that meat contains.

If you don’t like most vegetables then you could always try meat-free meat (vegetarian meat) these are mostly made with soy, they are lower in fat and are cholesterol free.

Like all things when cutting back don’t do it using massive steps but instead use small and comfortable steps till you get to the goal that you want to achieve.

Hope you found this interesting and helpful.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Oct 2010 (#)

My family has greatly reduced its meat intake. We are healthy.
Doing so slowly is best, I think the reason many people reject vegetarianism is that its forced to fast on them.
Even having 2 meatless days a week is good.

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author avatar Denise O
27th Oct 2010 (#)

I we eat less meat but, in my 20's I was a strict vegetarian, I was the least healthy I have ever been.
I believe in, all things in moderation but, to each his/hers own.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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