Eating rules as per Ayurveda

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Eating rules are describes in Ayurveda, follow these rule and live healthy and long life. These rules are simple to understand and follow.

Eating rules as per Ayurveda:

Dietetic rules are described in Ayurveda texts, Healthy individual should follow these rules for maintain health. Here are the dietetic rules which are to be considered while taking food:

Food should be Hot/Warm:

First and most important rule is food should be fresh and in hot condition. Here is Hot is temperature of food not for quality of food. This Hot and Fresh food will increase digestive power, so food will digest easily; it will also helps for proper bowl movement.

Extreme Hot or Cold food is not advisable. Extreme Hot food can cause burning sensation, loss of strength, giddiness, some bleeding disorder and excessive thirst. Even extreme cold food or food which is prepared before a long time can cause stiffness in body, loss of appetite or loss of digestive power, nausea and loss of taste.

Food should be Unctuous:

Food should be Unctuous in nature; Unctuous food will help to pacifying VATA DOSHA and increase Digestive Power. On other hand Dry or Extreme Unctuousness should not to be consumed; this type of food inhibits the process of digestion. Dry food aggravates VATA DOSHA and which cause hampering of the digestive power. And Extreme Unctuousness food is heavy to digest which will take more time and energy. So sometimes after taking heavy meal or extreme unctuous food we feel lazy or feeling drowsy.

Food should be taken in Proper Quantity:

Proper quantity is decided individually by ones digestion power. So quantity may different for people of same age. Taking food in excess quantity or in less quantity will leads to various diseases. Food should be taken according to need of body not only by desire or taste of food. Taking food in excess quantity leads to many diseases like obesity, diabetes, some liver problem, diarrhea etc. and in less quantity will leads to malnutrition, giddiness, wasting etc.

Food must be taken after digestion of previous meal:

Next meal should be taken only after the proper digestion of previous meal. But how we know that food digested properly? Here are some signs of it. If previously taken food digested properly than one feel lightness in body, feel hunger, thirst, proper evacuations of urges, cleared belching and feel enthusiasm. If diet is taken before digestion of pervious food, than there is a chance of disorder of digestive system (like diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, vomiting, anorexia etc.) may be occurs.

No Contradictory food items should be taken:

All drugs and diets which dislodge the various DOSHA but don’t expel them out of body are to be regarded as harmful and not useful (Unwholesome). Which food is opposite to the body element and tend to conflict with the system is called Incompatible (Viruddha Aahar). As per Ayurveda; taking incompatible food for long time leads to some serious diseases.

Food should be taken in proper place with all accessories:

Food should be eaten in pleasant atmosphere with all necessary accessories. The place where you eat your food should be clean, hygienic and peaceful. Even emotions like anger, stress, fear, sadness also effect on food digestion. So it is advisable to take food with a sound physiological and mental condition.

Food should not intake in Hurry:

The food should not be taken in hurry because when we eat in hurry it violates its normal route and entering into other route, also some unwanted things like hair, nail other things are unnoticed. Food taken in hurry will not digest properly and sometimes resulting in diarrhea, acidity, flatulence or constipation.

Intake of food should not be too slow:

When we eat food too slowly, naturally we eat more than our need, and still not got satisfaction. Also the temperature of the food changed, i.e. hot food becomes cold. Eating too slow can cause obesity and indigestion.

Intake of food should be with concentration (without talking or laughing):

Most important point for today’s life; food should be eaten with concentration, without much talking or laughing. If we continuous talk or laugh during taking food there is a chance that we take more food than needed.

Intake with self confidence with due regards to his oneself:

Before taking food ask yourself, is this food is good or bad for me? What is my capacity? Consider these two factors and after take food. Always think about health, body and mind before taking any type of food.

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19th May 2013 (#)

very interesting and easy to follow rules, I love ayurveda, i will definitely try to follow these rules. thanks doctor and keep writing

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author avatar Ayurveda Doctor
20th May 2013 (#)

thank you very much for your valuable comment. keep visiting for more health related article

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