Effective Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do In The Office

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There’s no more excuse for not exercising. You can workout and lose weight effectively and safely even in the office.

Exercise anywhere

Everyone has a reason not to exercise. But effective weight loss entails proper exercise. Without it, there is no safe and lasting solution for belly fat, low energy and poor health. One common reason for not exercising is the lack of time. Some even say that their work gets in the way. In a way this is true. Many individuals are cooped in their offices. But here’s a secret in losing weight effectively: you can exercise anywhere! You can accomplish your office work and lose weight at the same time.

Take the stairs
Instead of taking the elevator, choose to take the stairs instead. I’m not suggesting walking up until the 27th floor, but that’s reserved for the pros. Rather, get off a floor or two early and take the stairs for the remaining floors. Likewise, this suggestion is for both going up and down. I used to work on the fifth floor of our building and it was a routine for me to walk up and down every day.

In the Philippines, there was an event called vertical marathon. Here, participants walked up the building to the top floor. It was one exhausting but fun activity.

Walk to other departments
I know that it’s faster to call or send an email or an instant message. But don’t deprive yourself the opportunity to exercise. Walking is a great way to relieve the stress of having to sit for long periods. Also, it’s an effective weight loss strategy. So get the habit of standing up and walking to other people and other departments.

Carry your own things
You don’t have to bring dumb bells to work. Although I have an office mate who has a pair neatly tucked under her table. Volunteer to carry reams of paper to your office or even the 5 gallon water bottle for your dispenser. Whenever possible, take the initiative to add some weight training to your office life. Of course start small – however, your paper weight does not count!

Contract your core
It’s easy to get lost in the daily work activities. In fact, you won’t notice the tie when you’re concentrating on work – unless you’re practicing the art of looking busy. A good way to re-energize is to do deep breathing exercises, while contracting your core. Try taking a deep breath and then slowly exhale. While you exhale, contract your abs and hold it for a few seconds.

I usually do this every hour or so. It keeps my mind fresh and alert. Likewise, it helps me become mindful of my posture.

These four activities can help any office worker lose weight right at the workplace. Moreover, this eliminates reasons such as “I don’t have time” or “work gets in the way”. Effective weight loss exercises are not confined in the gym. You can do effective and safe workouts even in your office.


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author avatar LexSantos
26th Feb 2013 (#)

Haha, I thought I can bring my yoga mat exercise while in a meeting. I think I saw you doing this last week? ! LOL

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author avatar jpcmc
27th Feb 2013 (#)

Ha ha, you saw that! It was a prop for a seminar I will roll out in April. Just practicing before the big day.

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