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Here are few tips which can help all those who are suffering with one-sided headache causing severe disturbance and making life stressful with pain.

Triggering Migraine and Remedies for pain


According to the statistics drawn recently in United States, nearly 15 million people are suffering from migraine, including men and women. Many people are still able to manage or somehow during their work not to let down their co-workers.

It is generally one-sided, with nausea and vomiting sensation. It depends on an individual’s body. Based on that, symptoms change from one to another, sometimes it can be loss of appetite. It is throbbing unlike the common headache.

What triggers Migraine headache?

Migraine usually occurs due to various factors. Stress plays a major role for causing migraine. It can be due to lack of sleep or due to bright light sometimes. In those circumstances, people must sit in a dark room with cold-water cloth or Luke warm water on their head.

Environment also plays significant role in causing migraine. It can be due to change in weather or temperature. Some people get migraine when they reach cold places.

Over-exertion in the form of exercise, which is unusual, can cause migraine. More usage of pain-relievers can also trigger migraine in many cases. Any source of food or drink items that include caffeine is the main source for migraine.

Ingredients such as caffeine in coffee, tea and alcohol especially red wine, sherry and beer can cause severe migraine. People should not intake hot chocolate and cocoa related food items or drinks. Processed meat also triggers migraine because of the hormone Tyramine.

Classification of Migraine

Migraine is of various kinds depending on hereditary, weather conditions and other influences. If someone earlier in the family has been suffering from migraine, then it is familial migraine.

The other type is the sporadic one, which an individual having migraine gets an aura with some visual disturbance. Those people suffering from basilar migraine hear some ringing sound in their ears all the time and they find it difficult to speak.

If people have problems with blindness in one eye or visual disturbances as mentioned earlier, then he or she is suffering from Retinal Migraine. A probable migraine symptom is difficult to diagnose with ease, as it is not exact and frequent.

How can you Identify Migraine?

The signs differ from one patient to another. You cannot recognize symptoms exactly. Usually, a migraineur goes through any of the four phases defined by the researchers.
Firstly, the prodrome is the phase, which occurs within time span of days or hours before getting headache.

Symptoms of Prodrome

This occurs in 40 to 60 percent of the individuals with migraine. Mostly it is the cause of irritation or depression, any kind of mental imbalance. Food change is also another factor for prodrome. Some of the symptoms are:

• Stiff muscles in the neck portion of the individual
• Constipation or diarrhea
• Visceral symptoms and urination flow increase
• Excessive wanting of specific food item or more sleep

The second phase is of the aura that follows headache. It can even come with the headache, occurring in 20 to 30 % of the people. The time span is for 5 to 20 minutes and might last for an hour or so.

Symptoms of Aura

This phase includes the three symptoms
• Sensory
• Visual
• Motor
Each of them has their unique features and reasons.Visual usually includes blurred images of black and white, kind of hallucination. Paresthesia is another sensation with feeling of pins and needles on the skin including the face and mouth organs in an individual’s body. Numbness and hypersensitivity are some other symptoms or signs of aura phase.

Pain Phase

This phase in particular includes throbbing. Sometimes, people are not able to resist and they exhibit by being severe with physical acts. In adults, the time span for migraine to exist is 4 hours to 3 days on an average. Usually, on an average, three headaches a month are expected.

Symptoms of Pain Phase

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Hyperactive excitement towards light
• Nasal stuffiness
• Blurredness
• Vertigo

PostDrome Phase

Nothing much happens in this phase, except something unusual f noticed. Either people tend to get hyperactive and euphoric or some tend to get into depression phase after migraine attack.

Symptoms of PostDrome

• Difficulty in cognition
• Fatigue
• Gastrointestinal symptoms
• Mood changes

According to Pathophysiology, migraine triggers start in blood vessels. It can be that brain is not functioning accordingly. The depolarization theory includes defect in cortex part of the brain. Here, the depression spreads all over.

The vascular theory relates to contraction and expansion of blood vessels, causing throb or pain in the form of migraine. Low serotonin levels in the blood leads to migraine.The neural theory including the substance P is the main root cause for mal-functioning of the brain stem. This triggers migraine.
Preventive measures for Migraine

Migraine prevention or in other words, prophylactic is the best way to prevent or reduce the occurrence of migraine by using drugs or medicines including certain ingredients.
Any kind of treatment can reduce the frequency and pain up to certain extent. Usage of drugs or medicines including flunarizine, topiramate, metoprolol and atenolol with propranolol is effective.

All these drugs work effectively only if an individual takes for 3 months or so. Another way is to prevent all those food items that trigger migraine, such as the hot chocolate and many others mentioned above. Abortive medication supply is necessary for those suffering from recurring migraine. Caffeine ingredient drugs do help in reducing pain though limited.

Paracetamol or drugs like aspirin are helpful for pain. Ibuprofen is another drug helpful to reduce pain. Antiemetic is for nausea and vomiting problems. Drug such as dexamethasone is the best drug for preventing recurrence.

Apart from the mentioned treatment ways, people can get relief by making use of natural or homemade methods. One of them is to use Ginger that helps in preventing the recurrence of migraine problems.


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useful tips

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Very well researched article, with lots of tips.

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Good health tips for migraine.

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thank you all....actually i have migraine from 10 years. one of the reasons for useful information

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This is very good information. Migranes are no walk in the park. I get them every so often. The pain is excruitating and one side of the forehead. Usually around your menstrual cycle and for me, I have to stay in bed with the lights off.

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