Effects Of HIV-AIDS And Poverty On Children

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this page talks about the effects of aids and poverty on orphans, many people don't have an idea on how these children suffer after the deaths of their parents.

effects of aids and poverty on children

Kanyandago (2002), stresses that poverty causes suffering among children whereby they live under poverty stricken line and their health are endangered. Many of the world’s poor cannot get food, shelter, clothing, clothing and medical care they need.

Poverty causes malnutrition and poor health and produces feelings of frustration and hopelessness and loss of dignity and self respect (p147). In the slums this is common as the government with the increasing inflation crisis has been unable to control prices of the basic commodities such as food stuffs which pose a great threat to child growth and development. Balanced diet is a nightmare making children to lack sufficient nutrients necessary for their well being. The increase of poverty in the slum has led to abuse and exploitation of children leading to abandonment, neglect, abuse, prostitution and child labour. A research conducted by Bechu (1998) showed that the cost of treating illnesses caused by HIV/AIDS place a huge economic burden on families. The study showed that an urban household that have a family member who has HIV/AIDS spends four times as much on health care as unaffected household.

This extra expenditure is particularly burdensome to the household members. Families with children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in the slums are impoverished to the point that they are not able to meet their basic needs. The children from these families are unable to attend school as there are no resources even to cater for their fees making them miss a very important stage in their lives. Lack of education escalates the rate of poverty in the slums.

Incase of the death of their mother, the children are left under the care of their father who tend to remarry almost immediately explaining their decision as “care for the children” The children in this circumstances indicated that the household dynamics in their new families do not favour them as they lack their fathers protection from their new step mothers. Mostly they experience beatings and unbearable punishments. Sometimes they are denied food or discriminated against in the eating arrangements with the step mother own children receiving preferential treatment. Due to lack of protection by the father this children are forced to seek refuge in their mother’s family (p 50).


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