Electronic Companions of ADHD Children

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The number of children suffering from ADHD complaints has increased nearly 70% in the past ten years. Studies reveal that ADHD children are more attached with electronic devices of modern technology more than ever.

ADHD and attachment to screen

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is on a dangerous level of increase in the past decades. Children having this trouble are restless and hyperactive. They are abnormally active running here and there, not attentive on anything particular. When they grow up as teens they carry this disorder with them which affect their future. Modern studies say that such children, nowadays, are more attached to video games or programs on the computer screen.

Attachment to screen is a symptom of ADHD

Usually children having the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) cannot sit in a proper place for a long period of time. Many parents misunderstand that since their children are able to sit in front of the TV or computer, or play videogames for a prolonged time they can focus their attention which normally ADHD children cannot do. But this is a wrong notion. In fact, sitting for hours like that is a sign of ADHD.

Most of the parents are confused with this fact of focusing attention. That is why they allow their restless children to be engaged in such things. The American journal “Pediatrics” has revealed the study stating that a child’s ability to sit for hours together in front of TV, etc. focusing on the screen is really a symptom of ADHD. Children sitting like that are not distracted easily by outside disturbances while they are watching the screen or playing video games.

How to find if focus on screen is harmful?

Dr. Sumru Bilge Johnson, an American child psychiatrist, suggests parents three tips to find the influence of screen on the children with ADHD. Observe the children if their ADHD affects their normal life.
1) Find out if focusing on the screen affects the studies of the child.
2) Find out if it affects the relationship of the child with others. For example moving with others and playing normally, etc.
3) Find out if the child is affected in his/her self-esteem in any way.

Electronic devices become companions of ADHD children

Although there is no evidence that focus on screen such as video games, watching television, etc. causes ADHD, it is an evidence that the child is much affected by it. Children find a world of their own in these electronic devices and form different personality traits in themselves and react to their environment. The screens of electronic devices become the companions of ADHD children. They play an important role in the development of their attention or behavior problems.


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author avatar Robb714
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

I believe ADHD is some shenanigans’ made up by big pharma to sell and profit from mind altering drugs, first of all. Secondly, what children need not unlike their adult counterparts, is adult supervision. Somewhere along the line, latchkey children have lost their guidance in life, growing up to be violent offenders looking for a cheap thrill or mass murderers because they have been brought up with no moral clarity. We need to flush the pills down the toilet and simply spend more time with our children in order to save them and society from total chaos.

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author avatar vpaulose
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

It is really what is needed today. Thank you dear Robb.

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