Electronic cigarettes, my experience

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I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette and decided to share my thoughts and first impressions.

The Electronic Cigarette

I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette from a local store, to be honest I don’t know what I was expecting of this crazy little invention. One of the things that drew me to this purchase was that I like the act of smoking, but don’t particularly like the idea that with traditional cigarettes you’re inhaling any number of toxic substances. I know that e-cigarettes must have other forms of substances in them (hey, nothing is perfect) but I see it almost as the lesser of two evils.

First impressions

After opening the packet I was pleasantly surprised by how easy to use the e-cigarette was. It comes ready to use and the use is pretty much identical to a normal cigarette.
The weight is one of the main issues I had with the e-cigarette. Personally I don’t like holding the e-cigarette in the way you would a normal cigarette, simply because of the balance of the weight is off (the majority of the weight seems to be in the front half of the cigarette) because of this, I actually feel more comfortable holding it in the same way you would a miniature hookah pipe.

Would I recommend e-cigarettes?

Personally I would definitely recommend e-cigarettes, if not to those who want to give up smoking all together, then to those who just don’t like inhaling all the tar and toxic chemicals that come with traditional cigarettes.


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author avatar Jojay
23rd Feb 2013 (#)

Interesting share with your experience with e-cigarettes. I wrote the play on them because of the irony of e-smokers not be able enjoy them without someone thinking they're smoking the 'real' thing and being rude to them. One woman was actually kicked out of MacDonalds for smoking one of them! (The event that inspired "Vaping It")

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