Epidural- the painless way of delivery

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Epidural analgesia, pros, and cons. When to consider it? Giving birth is, or should be, the most natural thing in the world, but pain is experienced differently by every woman so that sometimes she can be an ally and sometimes an enemy

Epidural analgesia, pros, and cons

Giving birth is, or should be, the most natural thing in the world, but pain during labor is experienced adversely by every woman so that sometimes she can be an ally and sometimes an enemy. Here is when to consider epidural analgesia.
It is not long now, our baby bump is about to burst and the little guy / kicking impatiently to know each other! We make many fantasies, and we create anxieties and fears about "our" birth, reading stories, information, talking with relatives and specialists. So let's do a little thought also to the epidural.

What is an epidural?

With the epidural the birth help you in painless delivery and gives no longer natural and physiological but medicalized; it is carried out by the administration of anesthesia, carried out by a thin plastic catheter in the epidural or epidural area of the vertebral column and this requires a continuous control of the maternal arterial pressure and the fetal heartbeats. In women who suffer from blood clotting problems, scoliosis, allergies known to the anesthetic or who have infections in the area that lends itself to the administration of the drug, it is not possible to carry it out.
Speaking of childbirth means talking about the physical pain that accompanies the woman since the dawn of time. If until a little time ago it was assumed that the woman should suffer the pains of labor and delivery now there is the possibility of choosing to give birth in analgesia. If for some women the pains of childbirth are the very meaning of giving birth, others would willingly give up the pain of labor. So, given that medicine gives us this possibility, why not inform us and evaluate all the opportunities?

The pros of the epidural

The epidural as a method to provide you a painless delivery and combat the pain of childbirth is more effective than other methods; it gives immediate relaxation and reduces the production of stress hormones; in case of tocophobia, that is, excessive fear of childbirth, it is an alternative to cesarean on request.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
25th Feb 2018 (#)

Well the cons would be that you don't know you have delivered the child, you could be paralysed for life as they inject you in the back and you could suffer from chronic back ailments and yes even for that matter other major/minor feminine issues because of it.

I did Nitrus Oxide and it left me whoozy and smiling although I wasn't unaware of what happened.

You are not a mum yet I take it??? Learn the real thing not a clinical procedure just to make money on Wikinut, they don't pay out any way.

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