Every Home Should Have a Medicine Cabinet

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It is not only a good idea to have a medicine box at home, it is a must. We must be prepared for the most common ailments by keeping some useful medicines and supplies at home because even minor illnesses can interrupt our everyday life. Here are some tips on having one.

Where to place and importance of labeling

Have your medicine cabinet placed in a cool, dry area.

Carefully label all items inside your medicine cabinet. Place your medicine cabinet away from your children’s reach and sight. The medical supplies should include absorbent cottons, adhesive tapes, sterile bandages, mild antiseptic for minor wounds, rubbing alcohol, cream ointment for burns, calamine solution for insect bites and rashes, tweezers, aromatic spirits of ammonia, eye dropper, safety pins and scissors, medicine dropper, and digital thermometer. You can consult your local pharmacist on questions about any of these medicines and items.

Make medicines easy to find

To properly store ointments in tube inside the cabinet, we can use a small bottle or glass to put them all in an upright position. We can also save space inside the cabinet. Most medicine cabinets are small and having all those tubes cluttered along with the other items would make it difficult to find something that you need quickly.

Do not expose medicines to light

Pills can be stored in boxes if packed individually or in bottles if not. Properly label all boxes and bottles to prevent us from picking the wrong ones. Use transparent bottles when possible but do not do this to the other medications that need to be stored in dark colored bottles. Some medications deteriorate rapidly and become ineffective when exposed to light.

Always check expiry dates

Coat the label of your medicines with clear nail polish to prevent blurring when you accidentally spill liquid medicine on it.

Be sure to read and follow the directions on medicine packets and information handouts. Never exceed the dose as stated. Always check the expiry dates. Do not use medicines that are expired. Dispose them immediately for your family’s safety.


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author avatar Denise O
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Very good info my friend.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar aesoplado
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Expiry dates are really important. Last year when we needed our kit, we realized its been 2 years expired! We had to run to t pharmacy to have some kits.

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