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There are a wide variety of physical exercises that are more effective as aids to mental relaxation than in developing physical fitness. They may improve physical balance, coordination, and flexibility, but usually have little effect on strength or stamina. Their value is often more psychological than physical or medical.

Types of exercises for body and mind

Rhythmics are exercises involving the coordination of physical movements with rhythmical musical sounds. They emphasize the qualities of harmonious bodily movement, and are used as a form of musical education and in the training of modern dancers. They have had considerable influence on the development of choreography in the twentieth century.

Yoga, originally a school of ancient Hindu philosophy, emphasizes the unity of mind and body. The form of yoga consists of a system of postures and breathing exercises that aid physical and mental relaxation.They develop suppleness and mobility, especially in hip joints. It is claimed that they develop the resources of t he body, and that they eventually to complete knowledge and mastery of mind and body. Further stages of yoga involve techniques of concentration and meditation.

Various techniques of meditation itself have become popular in Western countries as aids to physical and mental relaxation. Many of these techniques are derived from Eastern religions, and include breathing and relaxation exercises.

Transcendental meditation, or TM, involves concentration for two periods each day on a specific mantra, which is a word or formula that, when chanted or spoken repetitively, can aid concentration.

Meditation techniques have been used in the treatment of patients with migraine, but they have no real value in developing physical fitness.

Health farms

A health farm is a type of clinic that is attended by those who want to improve their general physical health and mental stamina.

People who attend health farms rarely have any symptoms of illness: they simply feel "out of condition" and know that, with proper care and treatment, their general health will improve. Many of those who attend are troubled by anxiety about some particular problems, such as one concerning work, drinking, smoking or obesity.

The program of "therapy" offered by a health farm will usually include regular exercises, hydrotherapy, massage, and physiotherapy. Hydrotherapy involves the use of warm water to stimulate the circulation and aid mental relaxation, and also of special exercises that are performed in water. Other facilities that may be offered by health farms include special relaxation classes and biofeedback techniques. Specialized health farms may also be equipped to offer diathermy, a form of physical therapy in which the body tissues are subjected to deep heating by the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

The programs offered by health farms may be supervised by physicians, naturopaths, or osteopaths. Diet is often an important part of the treatment, and those who want to lose weight may begin their stay with a day or two with nothing to eat, apart from fluids such as fruit juices and herbal teas. One of the aims of such treatment is to flush out from the body and poisonous toxins that it may contain. The diet prescribed is sometimes exclusively vegetarian or macrobiotic.

Some health farms are organized with a religious or cultural bias. Many are situated in pleasant rural surroundings, where those attending can benefit from the relaxing atmosphere and the cooperative feeling produced by a group of people who share a common aim.

Home gymnasium equipment

When setting up a gymnasium at home, it is advisable, first of all, to have a room, or part of a room, that can be devoted to it exclusively.

Abdominal board

The abdominal board can be used to exercise the lower abdominal muscles. The angle of the board can be adjusted according to the degree of difficulty desired.

Multipurpose exerciser

This is one example of a number of similar devices that enable you to exercise several sets of muscles using the isometric principle. It is a simple piece of equipment, ideal for daily use and easy storage.

Static bicycle machine

This piece of equipment is designed to exercise the leg muscles, and stimulate the lungs. The resistance on the pedals can be gradually increased.

Parallel bars

The bars are used primarily for development of triceps muscles, but because this piece of equipment is usually chest high, it can be used as a rack to support a barbell before and after doing squats.

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