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I am going to show you how to keep your money in your pocket and exercise the natural way, In a way that you don’t even really notice. Mankind managed to survive for thousands of years before anyone ever came up with the idea of working out at the gym. Sure the life expectancy of modern man has increased significantly over the past couple of hundred years, But I suspect that this has little to do with the proliferation of fancy fitness clubs and expensive gymnasium.


1) Walking is a good start
2) Forget the elevator
3) Working out in the house and garden
4) Getting there even quicker
5) Swim like a fish
6) Skip to be fit
7) Stretching, bending and toning
8) Yoga
9) Unusual exercises you’ve never thought.
i)Exercising your face
ii)Feet and leg exercises

Walking is a good start.

Think about it. When was the last time that you made the effort to walk, rather than jumping in the car or hopping on the subway train? Walking is one of the easiest and most effective forms of aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate and therefore your blood circulation that there is and it is something that is available to everyone at no cost.
In fact, walking will actually save you money, as well as helping to protect the world that we live in. Taking a regular walk helps lower the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers, as well as reducing your body fat and lowering your blood pressure. Unlike many other forms of exercise (e.g. jogging), walking is low impact and low intensity, so the risk of injury is minimized as well.
Walking is something that you can do anytime, anywhere and at absolutely zero cost. All that you need are a pair of comfortable shoes, preferably with cushioned soles to protect your feet and leather uppers (or ones made of other natural materials such as canvas) that will allow your feet to breathe.
Perhaps you think that you have no time or opportunity to walk?
Let me tell you, that is just an excuse.
Everyone has the opportunity to walk if they are willing to make minor adjustments to the way they live their everyday life.
For example, if you take public transport to work every day the subway train or bus how about getting off a couple of stops early and walking the rest of the way? It will add five minutes to your journey time but if that can add a couple of extra years to your life wouldn’t you consider that to be a reasonable trade off?
Have you ever thought of walking the children to school, rather than piling them into the back of the SUV and driving them the one kilometer that it takes? Walking it would not only be good for you, but it also teaches your children good habits from an early age, and there is research which indicates that children who are taught that walking is a good idea when they are young tend to continue doing it throughout their later life.
You protect your own health and that of your children for years to come with just one small change in your daily routine.
What about taking the dog for a walk in the morning and once again, last thing at night?
Sometimes, no matter how good your intentions are, you will have to use the car. If, for example, you work in a remote place without adequate public transport, or you need to go to the local mall for a full weeks grocery shopping, then you probably have little choice but to drive. In this situation, how about parking the car in the car park at the furthest point from your destination, and walking a few hundred meters?
If you are shopping, you are going to push a trolley with all of your groceries in it from the store to your car, so that adds a bit of extra effort (exercise) to what you are doing, and if you are working, then you are not going to be carrying anything heavy every day, so there is no excuse for not doing this!

How much walking should I do?
The answer to that question is, the more walking you can do, the better it is likely to be and the more your health will benefit.
At the beginning at least, takes it reasonably easy with short ten minute periods of walking. Start each walk relatively slowly and gently, speeding up in the middle, and finish with a brief ‘cool down’ when you slow to a stroll.
Gradually (but not too gradually) build this up to walking at least 30 minutes a day at least five times a week, although it is not necessary that you exercise for the full thirty minutes in the one session. Three ten minute walks would, for example, be equally effective, so if that fits in better with your daily routine, then that is the way to go.

Forget the elevator

You do not have to exercise for hours at a time to enjoy the benefits that a work-out will bring. Less than 15 minutes of stair climbing a day will improve your overall aerobic health significantly and will cost you nothing at all.
So, the next time you go to the office or the department store and feel tempted to get into a packed hot and sweaty elevator think about it for a moment.

Working out in the House and Garden

In times gone by, when physical labor was much more common and important, man did not really need to worry about what is essentially an artificial requirement as a way of burning off energy.
Nowadays, the general Western lifestyle involves very little work-based physical labor, hence the need to think of ways to exercise.
Running a house and home does require work and effort, however, and so, whether you realize it or not, you are exercising every time you attempt any kind of task around the house.
For example, many women would find using the vacuum cleaner and dusting the house to be a tedious and tiresome chore. Cleaning the windows, ironing and doing the washing up would probably not come high on the list of enjoyable pastimes either
That is not a massive amount, but it does indicate that work is being done, and therefore exercise of a sort is being taken, even without realizing it.
Mowing the lawn, digging in the garden and pulling up the weeds will have a similarly beneficial effect, with fifteen minutes of doing this kind of activity burning off over fifty calories.
Given that gardening is an activity that many people enjoy and spend many hours involved in there is the potential here for a serious work-out. I would suspect that most people would never consider this to be exercise so that makes it far easier to do.
Is the car dirty? If so, forget the idea of taking it to the car wash, as hand washing it yourself has many benefits. Not only will you save the money that you would otherwise have spent on the car wash and do your bit to help the environment, you also get to stretch you have to reach over the car roof – bend and work your muscles. These are muscles that you generally don’t use if you work in a sedentary office environment.
In the case of washing the car, even going at a nice, gentle pace it is not a race, after all – you will still be burning 150 kilocalories per hour.

Getting there even Quicker

Perhaps walking is not for you so here is an alternative.
The next time that you jump in the car point it at the bicycle shop and buy yourself a bike.
As a method of getting from point A to point B, cycling has almost everything going for it, and very few downsides.
For a start, cycling is terrific exercise, as well as being challenging, sociable and a whole heap of fun.
It is environmentally friendly there are no pollutants emitted when you use pedal power it uses all of the major muscle groups in the lower half of the body, and it gives your heart an excellent work out too.
For the many people who cannot do other sports like jogging because of the impact and pressure such a sport places on their joints, Cycling is ideal. Because the bicycle supports most of the weight of your body, the impact on your joints is significantly reduced while you are on your bike, so cycling is something that almost anyone can do.
It burns calories and helps to reduce the fat levels in your body too so if you are interested in losing weight while enjoying yourself cycling would definitely be a sport to consider.

Swim like a fish!

Another excellent low impact sport that almost anyone can take up is swimming.
Swimming is a great exercise that puts minimal stress on your body while working all of the major muscle groups throughout your whole body. Because the weight of your body is always fully supported while by the water while you are swimming, it is an exercise form that has literally no impact on your joints, so it is pretty much ideal for anyone.
Swimming is a superb all-round aerobic exercise, as it works every muscle in your body. The more swimming strokes e.g. breast stroke, back stroke, etc you know, the more benefit you will get from swimming. This is because the different actions called for by each stroke naturally call upon different muscle groups for their successful application.

Skip to be Fit

Skipping is another excellent form of aerobic exercise that you can do literally anytime, anywhere.
It helps to improve both your heart and lungs, as well as improving your flexibility, co-ordination and of course your fitness.
Skipping may at first seem like it will be an easy option but you might find that it can be a lot tougher than you think if you decide to keep skipping for any length of time. Remember that boxers use skipping as an integral part of their training programs between matches, and they are not generally known for doing things the easy way, so that you should tell you how effective skipping is as a form of exercise work-out.
Skipping also represents a pretty high intensity workout, as indicated by the fact that twenty minutes of skipping will burn off 250 kilo calories of energy. It is great for helping to shape and tone the lower part of the body, especially the calves, hips, thighs and bottom.

Stretching, Bending and Toning

So far, all of the exercise formats that we have considered have been focused on the aerobic side of taking exercise, doing activities that will burn off energy while working your heart and lungs that little bit harder.
Such exercises are no less beneficial than the aerobic workouts that we have looked at so far, and you might be surprised just how many ways it is possible to practice these exercises without making too much of an obvious effort.
Let us start looking at some of these exercises now.


However, as an overview yoga has been practiced throughout the world for some 5000 years and is an active work out that is essentially made up of a combination of positions, postures and poses. Taken together, these will improve your bodily strength and flexibility while serving to decrease stress levels at the same time by calming the inner you.
Yogic exercises are made up of many asanas, and they all have varying degrees of difficulty in physical terms. However, the physical degree of difficulty is only part of the story because many yogic poses are focused less on the physical nature of the pose in question and far more on the spiritual aspect.
For example the pose or position that would appear to be the least demanding from a physical point of view is the ‘shava-asana’ or corpse pose. This needs the student to lie still on their back, hands by their side.

Unusual exercises you’ve never thought.

Focusing on toning your body is every bit as important as burning off energy through aerobic exercise.There are however various parts of the body that most of us never really consider as needing exercise.The whole of your body needs exercise if the various parts of you are going to remain in tip-top condition.

Exercising your face

Your face is almost certainly a part of your body that you have never considered exercising.But it does need it especially is you want to open up your features, remove the lines from your skin and give yourself a clearer and younger looking expression.
Exercising your face is all about using the facial muscles that you use the least in your everyday life, because this strengthens these muscles and therefore your face becomes more flexible and expressive.
Before starting these exercises, you should take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror to decide which exercises you should focus on personally.
Smiling: You know how to smile, don’t cha?’ If not here is how you do so to gain maximum exercise benefit from smiling.With your head in an upright but relaxed pose, clench your cheeks upwards while drawing your lips wide over your teeth at the same time Hold the position for a few seconds, then relax and repeat the process. Do this 15-20 times per session, and try to do it at least once every day.
Try smiling at other people more often as well. You might be surprised how much better it makes you feel spiritually, and the responses that you get will more than likely justify making the small effort involved.

Feet and leg exercises

If you have traveled on a long distance flight in recent times you will probably be aware that many of the major airlines are now showing safety videos that emphasis the importance of moving your feet and legs during the flight. This is to counteract the increased risk of suffering a deep vein thrombosis that spending several hours in a pressurized cabin can bring on.

Crossing legs: This exercise is exactly what it sounds like it would be but just like the safety videos on the plane suggest even moving your legs and feet around while sitting down can stimulate blood flow and muscle activity in your legs.So, it is simply a question of sitting down in your chair, relaxing and then crossing one leg up and over the top of the other. Hold that final position for less than a second - in this case, it is the action and movement that is important not the final position and then unwind back to the original relaxed position.
Do the same thing 15-20 times and then repeat the actions for the other leg.

Swinging: This exercise is almost an extension of the crossing motion that we used in the last one.
After the legs have been crossed, you should swing the foot that is on top forwards and then backwards again in a pendulum like motion. This makes the muscles at the back of your legs contract and expand in the effort to elevate your foot, and this stimulates the muscles and increases the blood flow in your legs.
As always repeat 15-20 times for each leg, and do try not to do this in a environment where you might risk kicking others while taking your exercise!


Very few people are entirely unaware of the fact that exercise is good for them.
The problem is that, for many people, even when they know this, the idea of having to join a gym and really putting themselves through the physical grinder in an effort to get themselves fit is totally unappealing.
So, they chose to ignore that fact that their bodily condition is deteriorating and get on with their life in exactly the same way as they did before, unless some event comes along to make them change.
As you have seen,simple activities such as walking and climbing stairs can be integrated into your daily life quickly and almost seamlessly, but the benefits of both of these activities can be enormous.
The bottom line is, there really is no excuse not to start exercising right now
There is no better time to start taking regular exercise than this very second, so get your shoes on, go out for a nice long walk, and take the time to think about all of other ways that you are going to make exercise an integral part of your life from now on.


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