Exercises to Boost Bone Health

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Suffering from osteoporosis and looking for exercises for better bone health? Try these tips.

Exercises to Boost Bone Health

Exercise Helps Brittle Bones

Exercise is a powerful medicine for osteoporosis as it reduces bone loss and helps build stronger muscles for support. It makes it less likely for falls and fractures; but not just any workout will do—both muscle strengthening and weight-bearing exercises should be done if possible.

Why Weight-Bearing Exercises?

Weight-bearing exercises are those that require you to be on your feet and legs to support you. The force of gravity helps the stress of bones and respond to building more cells. These exercises include activities while standing, although if you have sever e osteoporosis or already had a fracture, it is best to talk with your doctor to make sure they are the right exercises.

Build Muscle With Weights

Lifting weights and using resistance equipment at a gym to build bone and muscle mass. The main goal is to work the major muscle group at least twice a week with 1 day of rest in between. If you are new to weightlifting, check with your doctor before and work with a trainer to learn proper form.

Dance Your Way to Healthier Bones

Dancing can be a well-rounded workout as it raises your pulse, keeps you on your feet, and strengthens your heart, muscles, and bones. It always helps you to remember dance steps and sequences, which is excellent exercise for your brain.

Tend Your Garden

Carrying a watering can, picking up debris, or other yardwork is good for building strength. While it may not be best for everyone with osteoporosis because most spine fractures occur because of bending forward; if you do enjoy gardening—remember to keep your spine straight and avoid twisting at your waist.

Walk Briskly

If you are able to walk at a quick pace for short periods, your bones will reap the benefits. However, three short walks is just as good as one long one. Although brisk walking is good for heart health, if you’re concerned about sidewalk cracks and tripping hazards, a treadmill is a wise alternative.

Join An Aerobics Class

High-impact classes help strengthen bones and make you stable enough to handle force. If you have severe osteoporosis, low-impact aerobics class is a more safer choice. And last but not least, a no-impact class, such as water aerobics, is even better for those who’ve already suffered a fracture.

What About Swimming?

Although it builds muscle and gives the heart and lungs an excellent workout, it is the water that is holding you up, which doesn’t strengthen bones. Swimming is good choice for severe osteoporosis and arthritis, as it makes weight-bearing exercises too risky.

Get Flexible With Yoga

Although yoga may seem like a gentle exercise, it improves posture and flexibility as well as strengthens the bones. But be aware of some yoga poses, like forward bends, that may not be suitable for osteoporosis. Always ask your doctor or physical therapist before trying any new positions.

Improve Your Balance

It is crucial for those suffering with osteoporosis to be steady on your feet in order to avoid falls and fractures. Tai chi is great for strengthening your legs and enhance poise. Your physical therapist can show you which exercises can improve balance.

How Often Should You Exercise?

For boosting bone health, weight-bearing activities like walking or dancing 4 days a week. The goal is 30 minutes if you are able; you can also divide the time into 10 – 15 minute chunks. Remember to add exercises twice a week to build muscles and also stretch daily.

Get Into the Routine

Do your bones a favor and make small changes with an everyday routine. Walk instead of driving whenever it is possible, and choose the farthest parking spot at the mall, and take the stairs instead of an elevator. If you have questions about what activities are safe, ask you r doctor.




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