Extraction II

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After the extraction I go to a woman dentist for a complex filling.

A Woman Dentist

I should start here by explaining that the wisdom tooth lately removed had developed a gap between it and the adjacent molar. Food was constantly getting caught in the space, and because of complications from a filling, it was extremely hard to reach and keep clean. The result was actually cavities in both teeth.

After recovering from the extraction of that wisdom tooth mentioned in A Tooth Removal Specialist, I had an appointment with a woman dentist for a filling below the gum line. The first thing I told her was that I'd never seen a woman dentist before although my grandmother had been a dentist (she died in 1935).

My grandmother grew up in Nizny Novgorod, a Russian city on the Volga River, made famous by its native son, Maxim Gorky. The Communists renamed the city in his honor, but it has since reverted to its original name. My grandmother learned dentistry in Moscow, but she also learned Zionism, and in 1911 she crossed the Black Sea to Istanbul (at the time Constantinople, the Ottoman capital) and received a visa for Palestine. She practiced dentistry in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. My father mentioned that Yosef Trumpeldor had been one of her patients. My cousin mentioned Dizengoff, Tel Aviv's first mayor. My guess is that many of the who's who at the time went to her for dental work. Another possible patient would have been the writer Y.H. Brenner, who was murdered by Arabs in 1921. In that year my father was born and my grandmother quit her practice. The literary connection is important because my grandparents would later be the neighbors of an American writer, Alfred Kazin in Brooklyn. Kazin developed a crush on my grandmother and wrote about her in his 1951 volume, A Walker in the City.

Anyway, as I lay back in the chair, inches from the woman dentist, I began to see dentistry in a more intimate light. This was not an 'expert', wrestling my tooth with a vice grip; it was a woman penetrating me close to the nerve. I remember contact: it was my right arm with her right thigh. I looked at her face. She was wearing goggles and a mask over her mouth and nose. I focused on her left ear and felt myself go hard. I was anything but embarrassed. I enjoyed the sensation - the closeness and the unspoken trust that I felt for a stranger. I had never bothered with women's ears before, but that was all I could really see.

Needless to say, nothing happened after that.

I am still fascinated by the encounter. I began to wonder if Trumpeldor and perhaps Brenner had similar feelings towards my grandmother. It kind of sullies my memory of what I had heard about her.


Grandmother, Woman Dentist

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20th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice one dear Jonquil, I read your previous article also! Thanks!

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