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Two dentists recommend removal of the upper wisdom tooth.

The Patients Know Himself Best

Fast forward to September 2011. I felt a pain on the upper left side of my mouth. Nothing serious, but something that should be checked. I have gone through life free of toothaches. This time I thought I might need a filling in a molar.
Without an appointment, I returned to the clinic that had removed my lower wisdom tooth, thinking that a dentist would be free. They were all busy.
I drove on to another clinic where I knew a dentist would be available. I was right. He was alone with his assistant, a young woman who would consistently call the teeth by the wrong numbers. I described the problem, the dentist took an x-ray. He then showed me that the suspicious tooth was healthy. He decided to x-ray the wisdom tooth. He found a cavity in it, and told me to make an appointment in the next week to have it removed. I was dumbfounded! I came in for a simple filling and he wanted to extract a tooth. I said no thanks and went home. The pain subsided and I relaxed.
A few days later I had second thoughts. I made an appointment at a third clinic that my wife had used for more complicated work. The dentist there also did x-rays and told me I needed to have the wisdom tooth removed, not by her, but the specialist who comes every second Thursday. I should bring a panoramic x-ray. The extraction would cost over $200. Now I had a problem. I had plans to participate in Spencer Tunick's photoshoot at the Dead Sea on Sept. 17. I couldn't show up after such an operation.On the 25th we were going to Paris for two weeks. I didn't see that I had the time to have the tooth removed and stick around for the gum to heal. I would have to postpone any decision until mid-October. It wasn't very painful, but on the other hand, it would only get worse.
In October I decided that I didn't need to lose the tooth. The kibbutz dentist came for a periodic visit and I saw him. I told him the story. He took x-rays too. He said the hole was very close to the nerve but nobody does root canals on wisdom teeth. I reminded him that I had never had a root canal in spite of three teeth breaking and receiving massive fillings. He was convinced. He said he would fill the tooth, but it might force me to get it removed sooner rather than later. I took the chance.
The next few hours I felt mostly numbness. Before I went to bed the novocaine wore off and I was suffering. In the morning I felt much better. The pain was a tenth of what it had been the night before. I was optimistic...until I drank some water.
The pain was unbearable! Sensitive to heat and cold? No, to tap water! To everything that came near it. I called the third clinic to make an appointment for the extraction of the tooth. Since the specialist came only once every two weeks on Thursday, I would have to wait 16 days for him. I decided to stick it out, not run to the first dentist who did everything from x-rays to extractions.
Every meal, every tooth brushing was torture. But other than those times I was fine. There was no pain when I wasn't ingesting something. Suddenly, on day 10 of the 16, the sensitivity was gone. The tooth was fine. I could eat, drink, brush my teeth all pain-free.
I canceled the appointment and still have the tooth.
My family doctor, in referring to something else, once said "Nerves have a way of giving up". I had remembered that for 15 years.


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