Extraction IV

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The story describes my last dental experience in this series.

Finally, extraction.

In mid-November 2014, precisely three years after defeating two dentists and getting a filling rather than an extraction, the filling fell out. I was brushing my teeth at the time, so I didn't swallow the filling, but kept it as a memento. Now I had a giant hole in the wisdom tooth, but no pain or sensitivity to heat or cold. We had a new dentist and I made an appointment for the following Monday. I sat down in the chair and told the dentist the history of the tooth. I specifically asked him to replace the filling. He poked around, hitting the raw nerve deep down. He said that the tooth would have to be removed, unless I wanted to do an unusual root canal, but he couldn't do it. Putting in a filling would be gross negligence. I asked him the price for extraction and other details. He quoted a price one third of the 2011 quote. I told him to go ahead. He was much better than the previous surgeon. The tooth came out in one piece without that tug-of-war experience from nearly seven years ago. I didn't need any pain-killers or stitches, and will shortly begin the salt water rinses. Had he been my dentist in 2008, this series would never have been written.
In addition to removing the rotten wisdom tooth, he took x-rays of my molars, the first time in three years. I had been to a hygienist once a year, but she couldn't see what was happening under my fillings. As I said previously, my teeth are not overly sensitive. Thus the x-rays showed trouble under a filling on the upper right side. The dentist told me I would probably need a root canal, something entirely new to me. On my next visit he drilled out the filling and the decay, and then told me "I have good news and bad news". He thought that he might have to extract the tooth, but decided that a root canal would be possible. I was dumbfounded. How could a tooth decay to such an extent without my knowing it? I had seen the decay in the x-ray, and compared it with my panorama x-ray from 2011, so I know that it looked different. I still find the whole thing odd.
In the end I have to say this: Shop around for a good dentist; see him, or her, regularly, and don't try to outsmart him.


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