FDA-Who Do They Work For?

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If we don't become more pro-active and take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from toxins and chemicals in everything from cosmetics to water and food, including toxins in our environment, then we will continue in essence, cheering on the powerful to continue killing us off. Our inaction is equal to saying it's ok that abuse of the American people continue with our 100% approval.

The Belittlement of The Consumer

Knowledge is Power
The FDA, is it really there to protect us the consumers or is it doing something else entirely? This is a justifiable question. If you take a second glance at the actions of this magnanimous and jaded governing body, you may wonder what workings (deals are being cut) take place behind closed doors to bring about rules and regulations which have little to do with our well-being. I would go further then that and dare to step on their gilded toes a bit by stating that, they are failing us. Crudely put, we are being given the shaft to the 9th degree. We are in danger of suffering through their failures and in a serious manner, it is what you might call a cascading failure in gradual degrees but unprecedented proportions. Most of us are so distracted trying to earn a living, we will hardly take notice until it's to late.

What About Sunscreen
Let's cover sunscreen in this article. Sunscreen is a widely used product which most consider a necessity because of its anti-cancer properties, or rather, it's overly inflated anti-cancer properties. In reality most sunscreens have a plethora of synthetic chemicals which could possibly promote, rather then prevent cancer in many individuals. It is no mystery that the pharmaceutical industry and other powerful corporations have unfair advantage in influencing the FDA. The FDA can manipulate the consumer end of the market for the benefit of, in this case, Big Pharma by disallowing the use of "natural" ingredients in foods etc. Natural ingredients in any products and in this case sunscreen, would be more protective and safe for the consumer's health then what we now find on the shelves at Walmart and Walgreens. Why does the FDA take such an interest in supporting and protecting the interests of the pharmaceutical companies over the interest of American consumers?

Money Talks--, Too Much
I will make it clear and simple, it's Pharma's unrelenting, strong arm lobbying, money and power which dictates what we will find on the shelves at our markets. Now that you know the truth, you should also know that we the voters can stop this kind of opportunistic and dangerous influence on policy, by calling our representatives and protesting. The power of this industry, (Pharma) might be impressive if it weren't so crushing to the American people.

What About The FDA and Pharma Connection
It's true, some of us are innovative enough that we could create a natural sunscreen product using natural ingredients, but then we would never be allowed to market it. If we suddenly got rid of half the chemicals in products we consume, the health of people would improve significantly enough to hurt the medical industries' bottom line. In this great country of ours the ugly bird has come to roost. Natural is no longer, really natural but merely a penumbra of the real thing. The only natural ingredients allowed in sunscreen, by the FDA are zinc oxide and titanium oxide both of which have a grey area in regards to safety. In a country where 70% of the population is vitamin D deficient, we are utilizing commercial sunscreens that not only block vitamin D production, but it's done with chemicals which are toxic to our system. Therefore, as you can see, with the chemical laden sunscreens available on the market, the damage is two fold. A deficiency of vitamin D can result in grave and wide spread consequences for the population at large, however, it would result in another big profit windfall for the medical industry.

VIitamin D
Chronic vitamin D deficiency promotes cancer, winter flu and infections, depression, and osteoporosis, as well as hormone imbalances. Taking your daily vitamin D supplements or getting a good dose of sunlight can prevent 50 to 80% of all cancers, but sunscreens block vitamin D producing effects of the sun. I am not saying to never use sunscreen; if you are light skinned and you're planning on a prolonged outing on a sunny day, you obviously should use some level of protection then nothing at all. A natural healthy tan would be more beneficial if it is combined with good nutrition.

What About Sunshine and Super Foods
Spending a reasonable amount of time outside on a sunny day is good for you. To create a normal protective platform between yourself and sun exposure, you need to think in terms of improving your internal sunscreen. A healthy diet, rich in super foods and antioxidants is endemic to our system's ability to cope with extreme weather and other forms of stress. If you indulge in junk foods on a regular basis, you are putting your system at a disadvantage against the elements. The natural supplement Astaxanthin has been found to boost the system's natural protective response to sun exposure. Yes, there is a safe option to chemical induced sunscreens at Walmart. As I have stated in my "Good Genes- Bad Genes," article; genes are not the dominant factor in your falling victim to disease, or how your system responds to weather, for that matter. Sun exposure does not make your skin "age," if you follow a high-nutrition, antioxidant diet.

Use caution when choosing your sunscreen, while there are a couple of good ones out there most are not really "natural." Many sunscreens which are marketed as "chemical free" are actually loaded with chemicals and terrible for your health. A couple of products which are "natural," are Loving Naturals Sunscreen and Badger All Natural Sunscreen.
Sad how no one in the media or the government (FDA), is willing to admit how detrimental these chemicals are for your health. I wonder why?????????????????????????????????


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