Fabulous Females over Fifty: Why Not Wear Your Hair Long?

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There used to be a taboo against women having long hair after a certain age. How silly is that? We should be able to wear our hair however we want as long as it looks good!! No matter what age we are!

Long Hair After 50

As we women get older, it has long been thought that our hair should be worn shorter. However, lately that thought has been changing with some help from the women of Hollywood. Thank goodness it has because there is no fast and hard rule about hair length and age. If a woman wants to wear her hair long and she is over the age of 50, then I say go for it.
I started growing my hair out after I retired from my job as an RN at the age of 48. My husband had always wanted me to have long hair, but he just didn’t understand how much easier it was for me to have shorter hair in my profession. But once I retired, I decided to give longer hair a try. It took about a year for my hair to reach its current length of about my mid back and I love it. I love the versatility that having long hair brings to me and I also like the fact that my husband loves the look on me. I also like the long hair on me too. I have gotten compliments from friends and family saying that my current hair style makes me look younger and for a woman over 50, that is the best compliment of all!!
Caring for hair over 50 and hair that is longer can be a challenge, though. At our age, we can face challenges such as thinning of our crowning glories, hair that can be more fragile than what we were used to in the past, and if it hasn’t already started, the gray hairs will start to appear.
I am going to share what I do to care for my hair and the problems that I face since this is only area that I am an expert on. Your stylist can help you find the answers for the challenges that you may be facing with your hair.
First of all, I found a stylist that really listens to me and worked with me to find a style and color that I love. I wear bangs to help hide a high forehead and have some long layers cut into my hair to help add some movement to my style. I also have issues with some thinning on top and she helps me keep an eye on this. Coloring my hair helps add texture to the hair shaft and helps to add body and shine. It also helps to make my hair look a little thicker than it is. I see her every 5 weeks for root touch up and a trim.
Keeping my hair looking good can be expensive but for me it is worth it. I colored my own hair for years, but really like what my stylist can do with highlights and lowlights that I just never could manage doing on my own. Giving it a trim every time gets rid of those spit ends, too, and helps keep it looking as healthy as possible.
I don’t wash my hair every day any more either. Wet hair is fragile hair, so when I do wash it, every other day, I am very careful with it while it is wet. No brushing it, ever, when it is wet. I use a shampoo that is specific for whatever problem I am having. Right now I use a shampoo and conditioner made for color treated hair and is moisturizing. Depending on how much product I have in my hair, I either shampoo once or twice, and then put a nice amount of conditioner in it. I comb the conditioner through my hair with one of those wide tooth combs made specifically for wet hair and let it sit in my hair through the rest of my shower. The last thing I do just before getting out is to rinse out my hair.
If I am staying home I don’t use a hair dryer on my hair. I just comb a leave in conditioner through it and let it air dry. If we are going out, then I dry it on the low setting and either flat iron it or roll it with Velcro rollers, depending on the look I am going for. Usually, my hair is up in a pony tail or a bun with a nice clip holding it up. I also am very careful about the pony tail, too. I try to use things that won’t pull on my hair or break it when it’s up in the pony, and I never sleep with it up in the pony tail.
My natural hair color is brown with lots of gray in it. I have been some sort of red for about 15 years now and will probably stay with this color. I have been blond, (not my look at all) and even had black hair once, but so far, I seem to fit a red head both in temperament and skin tone. I have worn my hair extremely short, in-between and now long and have liked them all, but I honestly think the long hair I have now is my favorite. My grandmother wore her hair long all her life and I remember in the evenings she would take it out of its normal daily bun and let me brush it for her. It came down to her waist and I always wanted hair like hers. I don’t know if I will let my hair get that long, but it is nice to know that even though I have passed 50 now, I have that option.
Don’t let the fact that you are over 50 dictate the length of hair you wear. If you want to try wearing your hair long, go for it. You may be surprised at how well it looks on you and how much you love it. I know I was.


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author avatar Retired
28th Nov 2011 (#)

My mum always wore her hair short for years on end and we finally got together and made her gorw her hair and that was the first time my brother actually saw her with straight long hair. He always thought she had short curly hair.
Reshaped and restyled mum as she hit 50 few years back and with natural colour and highlights and she looks great.
Good tips...

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author avatar Tranquilpen
30th Nov 2011 (#)

Fabulous! and Oh! So Sexy, sounding, from a fellow Boomer. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Songbird B
28th Dec 2011 (#)

Great tips MountainGem on older hair care. I started to go grey at 21, just after I married in fact..lol..but I am lucky to have a good friend who is a hairdresser who tints and looks after my style for me. I am growing mine longer too, and yep, I turned 50 in September....Great advice..

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