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How facebook affects people negatively in the way of addiction, laziness and cyber bullying which always has the forboding possibility that it can lead to self harm and even suicide in serious cases of incessant bullying.

Social life

Facebook creates the widely shared illusion that the user has a social life (it IS called social networking after all), when in fact the exact opposite is occurring. Sure enough, Facebook can be used to organise social gatherings and parties that “get out of hand”; however the constant statuses about insignificant details in people’s lives does not unfortunately constitute human interaction which is a major part of evolution. How many pointless arguments fought behind the safety of a computer screen would have been avoided if Facebook didn't exist? Humans generally avoid physical confrontation (unless they’re drunk or are gang members searching desperately for “respect”), and the verbal damage done on Facebook doesn’t appear to be as bad or as effective. The reality is that in some cases there might aswell have been physical confrontation, as it can often cause self harm amongst fragile individuals and in serious circumstances, suicide.


So now we are in the deep and dangerous territory of cyber bullying. Statistically, only 52% of the estimated number of people who are or have been cyber bullied actually reported it. The remainder let themselves be targeted and accept the suffering, but no one can stick it out for long. Unless the cyber bullying stops, they will most likely resort to cutting, and isolating themselves from their family and friends. Concentrating on Facebook alone, over one million children were cyber bullied last year. That is an amount that sparks sirens and flashing red lights in my mind.


Facebook is also reported to make people lazier. Frequent users of Facebook are dedicated to refreshing their newsfeeds every few minutes, and writing witty or interesting statuses they know will get the likes. Resultantly, they participate less in family/friend outings, do much less exercise, and are constantly looking for an easier option in everything they do. Hence the rather new networking method: Snapchat. For those who are un-aware, Snapchat is where instead of typing to communicate with their friends and family, they now simply take pictures of themselves and send them on to whoever they like in order to converse. At this rate, I cannot imagine what social networking and communication will be like in a few years time. Will people be looking back at Facebook thinking “those were the days” as their voice controlled gadget automatically sends a joke to a random name in their owner’s contact list?

Negative impact

Unfortunately, I have been affected by Facebook and drawn in by its charms. I am a regular user I am rather ashamed to say, and it is my main form of communication. I noticed recently, that unlike before when I could read for hours, sitting down to read was a little dull and I found myself bored by the unchanging words on the page. I am blaming Facebook. The constant refreshal of my newsfeed has programmed me to desire constant change in order to be an avid part of society and to be “up to date”. When reading a book, you are closing yourself off from the world and therefore are momentarily an outsider to what is going on, something that makes me and many other Facebook junkies uncomfortable.


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author avatar Mariah
9th Jul 2013 (#)

I strongly agree with the points you make here liss.
Cyber bullying is hideous and no one should have to tolerate the wrath of those who choose to target individuals in this way.
It should be reported and it should be stopped where possible.
Cyber bullies are cowardly
but persistent in drawing attention to themselves, regardless of the effects on their targets.
Facebook can be tiresome and demanding of time, as you say, there is so much stuff people post that is just boring..
Facebook is also very addictive, and again as you say, can often be a battle ground for individuals who would never have crossed paths otherwise.
Great thought provoking article liss.

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author avatar Mary Haswell
9th Jul 2013 (#)

I'm in total agreement and this is only the tip of the iceberg...we have the cyber bullying going on not just on profile pages but in the games themselves, then there are the scads of posers deceiving the naive and the Nigerian scammers are becoming more and more of a problem.
I have recently changed the way I use Facebook because there is way too much negativity on the site, if it were not for the fact that I keep in touch with my family on there and my attempts to connect with fellow writers I probably wouldn't have a profile there.

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