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Facing fear no matter the cause is not an easy task. It is unfortunate that many people go without any help. It is very important to know no matter why you are faced with fear, anxiety, and/or depression there is help from a mental health provider. Take heart the love of your family can go along ways to help you overcome the fears that you are faced with on a daily basis.

What is fear?

Fear is a very unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that you will be harmed by someone or something is very dangerous that will cause much pain. The threat that you are about to be harmed is just as real as being harmed by someone. When you have faced your fears and are able to recognize that you have power over them you are free indeed. Marie Curie believed that if we understood where our fears come from we would be able to conquer them.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
― Marie Curie

Fear of the Dark or Unknown

Walking down the path, it is getting late but you should be home soon. Entered into the wooded area and the moon has gone down making it very dark. You cannot hear anything when suddenly a “who, who” sound from a night owl. Your heart is pounding even louder and you begin to sweat. Just a few more feet and you will be home safe. There you are close to the end of the path and you can see the lights from your back porch. Dad is there waiting you know so you hasten your steps. It is still very dark so onward you go but suddenly a shadow appears to the right of you. Now you begin to run and you know whatever it is must be close behind. You can feel something about to touch your shoulder when you wake up in a cold sweat screaming. Now comes the problem of facing your fears.

Military PTSD Victims

You are marching along with the other guys in the sand wishing you could have a drink. The sun is beating down hard and you are not able to stop because the insurgents are close behind rest only comes when you reach your camp. You and your bodies are very quiet as you make this march for fear of being heard or trapped by the enemy. Silently you march with the heat still beating down on your face and back. Then suddenly it happens within just a few minutes guns are firing grenades tossed the sand is flying up in your face. What is happening? Ambush by the enemy and many of your friends and comrades are being blown to bits.

Then you hear the helicopters and planes just before you pass out. You wake up in a make shift hospital and look across the way to see the guy standing beside you with no legs. The guy in front of you is burn-up and the other guy torn to bits. You are afraid to look at yourself what is missing. You start to scream what is missing? What is missing? The nurse comes and tries to calm you down. You are alright she keeps repeating, just a hard knock on the head from the debris around you. You are going to be alright. Every night you wake up dreaming this same dream seeing your friends killed or injured. They say you are alright but that is not so. You suffer from PTSD and the only way you can make it through the night is with whiskey. What help is there in facing your fears?

Childhood Abuse

Your childhood was not easy with a mother who drank booze and did drugs. You were expected to run the drugs and do the house work. You were often beaten and fed very poorly. Your mom held your head under water until you turned blue if it was not for her “John” stopping her you would die right then. You were taken to the hospital and kept for a few days. This was a relief at least you were fed and not beaten.

Then came the foster homes with dads who beat you or raped you so that you felt like life was not worth living. When you were sixteen you ran away trying to escape the life you had been living. Life was not that easy and on the road it was worse until you finally found the man of your dreams who promised to take care of you until death you depart. You are expected to take care of him dealing his drugs etc. You find that you must cope with all this becoming just like your mother. Now you must find out how to escape which is really facing your fears.

Overcome Fear with Love, Medications, Mental Health Providers

When you suffer from anxiety or depression often it is because you have a fear of something that led you to this point. When a person suffers from anxiety attacks there heart beats faster and they know not why the emotion attacks them. Those who have depression may have a problem with drugs and alcohol as well. We all have distress in our life but not all of us suffer from the fear of someone or something. Our mental health is very important! There are ways to overcome your fear and live a normal life. The help of a good mental health provider who will direct you to the right support groups, help you with proper medications, and even help you with your family. The family who sticks together or someone special who will stick by you is very important. You can overcome fear by receiving love and understanding from that person or family member. A hug will go a long way in helping you to face your fears and overcome your anxieties.

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1st Jul 2014 (#)

Helpful article!

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Interesting post and well written!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
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Interesting post and well written!

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Yes, fear is very bad! Great article.

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