Facts on the Smoking Debate

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Some facts about smoking and some other things tobacco manufactures hides from us.


To a non-smoker, quitting smoking sounds relatively easy, just pick a time and then turn your back on tobacco, right? “Easier said than done”, the addicted smoker will likely to reply. There is no magic cure, and it is true. No quick, easy way out for nicotine addiction.

Some facts about smoking

This information can help you, about some facts about smoking:
1. Cigarette smoking in our nation’s number one preventable cause of illness and premature death.
2. After inhaling, 70 to 90 percent of the chemical compounds in cigarette stay in the smoker’s lungs.
3. Cigarette smokers are 15 times more likely to get lung cancer, 16 times more likely to have emphysema, 10 times more likely to have bronchitis and twice as likely to have heart attack than nonsmoker.
4. Nonsmokers who inhale secondhand smoke from a burning cigarette have an increased risk of lung cancer and heart disease as well.
5. Pregnant women who smoke are cutting off oxygen to their developing fetus as well as altering the BP and the heart rate of the baby. Low-birth-weight babies, spontaneous abortions and stillbirths a re more prevalent in smokers.
6. Medical research has found that each cigarette smoked takes 15 minute of person’s life, on average.
7. Children of smokers have twice the incidence of respiratory ailments as the children of nonsmokers.

What's in a Cigarette

And what’s in a cigarette? These are some of the many chemical tobacco manufacturer hides from us:
1. Methoprene, a chemical used to get rid of pleas on your pets.
2. Benzozopyrene, you’ll find it in cigarette smoke, it is one of the most potent cancer causing chemicals in the world.
3. Arsenic, this deadly poison makes your lips burn and your breath turns bad.
4. Acetone, the tobacco industry refuses to say how acetone gets into cigarettes. It’s one of the active ingredients in nail polish remover.
5. Lead, poisoning stunts your growth, makes you vomit and damages your brain.
6. Formaldehyde, it causes cancer and can damage your lungs, skin and digestive system. Embalmers used it to preserve dead bodies.
7. Turpentine, is a very toxic chemical. It is commonly used as a paint stripper.
8. Phopylene glycol, the tobacco industry claims they add it to keep cheap “reconstituted tobacco” from drying out. But scientist says it aids the delivery of nicotine.
9. Butane, is one of the key components of petrol.
10. Cadium, it causes damage to the liver, kidneys and brain.
11. Ammonia, the tobacco industry says it adds flavor. Scientist say that it helps you absorb nicotine, keeping you hooked on smoking.
12. Benzene, this cancer-causing chemical is used to make everything from pesticides to detergent to petrol.

And it will tell you the truth about quitting, that with an average effort, and average resolve, you can do it. You don’t have to be a super hero to succeed. There is really only one requirement for quitting.You want to quit more than you want to continue smoking. Bottom line: Quit smoking.

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29th Nov 2010 (#)

as i said on your first article, i've been smoking 5 sticks cigarette already (straight). but suddenly think twice when i read your article.

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author avatar Chelsea
26th Mar 2013 (#)

i think it should be ailegal beacuse many peolpe are dieing because of smokin and it is distroying the human body

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