Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs And Protein Is The Key For Losing Weight

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Most people who are on a weight loss diet should learn all they can about what slow carbs and fast carbs do to the body. The more you know about them and understand how use it in your weight loss diet then you will have a better chance of losing weight.

What is Fast Carbohydrates

Although, fast carbohydrates are very easy to process it’s much lower in fiber and it’s higher in calories than slow carbs. Therefore, fast carbs are generally plain carbohydrates that contain at least one sugar molecule, known as monosaccharide.

Fast carbohydrate foods are:
• White bread
• Chips
• Soda
• Candy
• Rice
• Flour

However, fruit is a simply carbohydrate containing no more than one sugar molecule, called fructose, in fact, most fruits are very rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. On the other hand, because of the fructose found in fruits it’s much higher on the glycemic index so it’s usually called fast carbs. There are always exceptions to rules, some Complex carbs, like potatoes, are also considered as "fast carbs" because it contains starch that will causes a spike in our blood sugar. However, some times when fast carbs are pleasing, such as low blood sugar levels, or maybe after vigorous exercising, then your body is going to need glucose for muscles, cells and organs promptly

What is Slow Carbohydrates

Well slow carbs is the total opposite of fast carbs so it takes longer time to absorb, which will keep you feeling full longer and therefore, will not flood the bloodstream with glucose. However, it’s also hypothesized what the body need or oxidizes, more stored fat. In fact, slow carbs has less glucose. Polysaccharides are complex sugar molecules, found in slow carbs which contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. Slow carbs actually takes a longer time to digest and it also prevents a rush of glucose instantly after a meal.
Examples of these carbs include lentils
• Black beans
• Non-starchy vegetables
• Soy beans
• Cottage cheese
• Skim milk
• Lean protein


Doctors recommended Lean protein for GI diets however; it takes your system a longer time to digest these foods so it helps you to stay full longer. Mr. Tim Ferris, the author of the book "4-Our Body," states that protein has a much higher thermogenic effect, which means that it requires more energy to digests protein, and it increases your metabolism and so it helps to burn more calories as "heat." Most importantly, proteins adds essential amino acids and several vitamins that vegetables and beans can’t supply the body, with the except for soy, which is considered a complete protein.


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