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I think obesity is really robbing women of their feeling of dignity. We're going to have to do something about mankind's food that is destroying their DNA turning them into cancer-suffering fat blobs of disease.

I'll eat and enjoy McDonalds food but I retain the right to complain about them

That's what I was thinking as I was eating Mcdonalds today. Don't know why but I've always thought of Mcdonalds as some kind of poison that is robbing me of my longevity. Perhaps it's because everything seems... fake or something:

The orange juice doesn't taste like what the stuff tastes like when I myself squeeze juice from an actual orange. So what the bloody hell is this then? Some chemical cocktail? Is it a bunch of chemicals that is causing it to taste like everything BUT orange juice? It's obviously everything but orange juice, sold as orange juice.

But enough about shortening my life by eating food from some shady "restaurant company".

Now all that thinking about Mcdonalds was done in the car afterwards, where I finished my meal. But there was another thinking session inside:

It all happened when I got my food and went to sit down. But what the bloody hell is this? They have stuck these stickers with bold red writing on it, all over the windows: PLEASE CLEAR YOUR TABLE.

I mean what the bloody hell??? This is South Africa. Here the custom is, you as the customer come to a restaurant to pay and eat. NOT to clean their filthy tables. You as the customer are here to be treated to a nice meal. That's what you pay for. You enjoy the treatment and the delicious food.

But that's not what I was getting. The "special customer treatment" amounted to barely more than a quick, habitual exchange between the woman behind the till and myself. How unspecial. It really just feels like a cold machine.

Then I sit down and bold red signs tell me I have to clean up any mess I made eating food I paid this place for. These signs never used to be here before.

And the tables have all these years generally been cleared by the Mcdonald's staff.

I know this "eating AND cleaning up after yourself" is the custom in America, since I've been there before, however some of these types of America's cold, commercialized ways of making life extra unspecial just doesn't have the charm it used to anymore.

Fat bitch blocks the way

Anyway, so I go to the clothing store for big sizes today, as I have always been wanting to get myself a huge jacket that I can use as an overcoat, kind of a over-everything easy rough-it jacket.

I find a few that look good that I try on, and finally decide on the 4XL black windbreaker. Beautiful! I hope I won't feel too sorry for it to wear it every day. That's usually what happens; I buy myself something intended for everyday use, but then it turns out it's too beautiful and I want to save it for special occasions. This time however I'm determined to use this jacket for the actual use out of it, and not for looking smart on special occasions.

While paying at the till, some talk in another part of the store catches my ear:

"You must just tell me if I look stupid in it."

It's this woman who has some major, major pear shape. Around her middle, she's as fat as a tractor tube. She's trying on some oversized clothing, and two of the shop assistants are assisting her hunt for something to wear.

It seems if you have a really bad pear shape, it's tough to find clothes because not very many tops are made as size small at the top and size 25XL in the middle, perhaps returning to size Large at the very rim.

After I paid and I'm ready to leave the store, that woman and one of the shop assistants are approaching in the walkway at the same time. But, I'm trapped because that woman is blocking the space between the till and the shelves.

For a few moments, we wonder how we would manage this. The woman and the shop assistant try to stick to their right so I can pass, but there simply isn't enough space.

So I just retreat to where the tills end, and step aside so they can pass.

"Go right ahead you two; please do come past" I tell them.

But they don't feel right about inconveniencing me into my having to go so far out of my way just so the fat woman and her entourage can walk past. So they also sort of try to step inbetween two shelves to clear a way for me.

"No please, perhaps you should come past first!" the woman say.

So I walk by and say goodbye.

Fat chicks have it tough

Only while I'm going out to the car, do I realize, even though this all went very polite, how embarrassing a small incident like this might be to a lady.

Imagine having such a fat middle that you're blocking traffic in a shop.

I'm not sure what to think of this. But when I get home, I go onto YouTube. I was looking for a specific scene from Scream 2, but somehow landed on a video of a fat woman on a bus, I suppose maybe the video's tags were "horror" or something, the same as for "Scream".

So in this video, a fat woman sits on a bus while kids are completely insulting her about her being fat. I didn't think she's all that fat, but it seems some brats thought she's fat enough to be good material for their comedic insults.

Apparently she's the bus monitor. Why she just doesn't get up and smack them good, is what is beyond me. Then again it's probably better this way. I must say, if it was me in place of her, those kids would have "somehow" fallen out the bus window and died.

Fatness is a crime in today's society

Anyway, it just reminded me again about how fatness and obesity is robbing women of any ladylike status. And men too. Not that they need ladylike status. But you know what I mean. Fatness is robbing people of their being human. Even though getting fat is a human process. It is a survival mechanism. But in the same breath, they say it's all the chemicals and strange substances in food that your body doesn't recognize as food, so it wraps it up in fat cells and stores it. And that's why people are fat in the modern world. Because of processed foods their body can't recognize as food molecules.

I guess the lesson is: Try to look like a model. Or face being less than human. Or so the media seems to be conditioning the youth. Who are still dumb and stupid and try to get as much hurtful mileage out of it as they can.

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