Fat people don't know how fat they are

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"I look at least better than you", says Petros self-believing to me, as part of his sudden uncalled-for gibberish about my eating eggs before bedtime, which of course set him off insulting me as always about how I'm just fat garbage.

Fat people don't know how fat they are

Oh no. He just can't stop himself from always making himself severely unpopular among the minimalistic amount of people he still has left in his life. I thought he had finally grown up and stopped talking nonsense to make me angry, but yet another part of me knew it wouldn't be long before he feels the need to put others down, as is his way to make himself feel better since he knows he's a total loser.

What was that he just said? oh my gosh!!! My theory has been truer than I knew! Fat people, more specifically Petros, doesn't know how humongously fat he is. It looks like he's carrying a 50kg industrial bag of maize under his t-shirt.

Oh, how Mom has been seriously instructing him not to wear t-shirts anymore, at least not the tight ones he likes to wear. He's just too gosh darn fat to wear that and not make whoever sees him puke. But, he doesn't think he's fat. Or he knows but is in denial. He deliberately wears those horrible looking t-shirts on himself.

Anyway, I know I have to protect myself, and this is certainly not a conversation I'm going to have. I have recently decided to completely remake my movie "Created By Me", and for it I have started exercising every day and I do actually look a lot better now; however if I want all my hope and self-confidence shattered to bits, then talking to Petros is a sure way to do it. He will emotionally beat you down until you give up on yourself and commit suicide. And giving up on myself is not an option now; I have big things that I need to do now as best as I can. Not to mention, I'm not NEARLY anything as fat as this pile of garbage of a brother of mine.

Anyway, I try to ban the negative thoughts from my mind, being very disappointed that Petros finally has reverted back to his old ways, and as soon as my eggs are finished I get up, say "buh-bye" and go to bed.

Next morning, Mother and I are working in Studio C, as we always do. She simply has to share with someone, so she shares with me, how sorry she is that Petros and Father couldn't get along this morning when they were having their morning coffee. As Mother puts it, Father is so impatient and intense with Petros. Yes, I don't blame him. But what was the conversation about I ask.

Mother says Petros has said this morning "My life is one big kakspul (shitbunch)!". Yes, I tell her, I picked up Petros is deep in a depression again, because last night he also told me so arrogantly that he looks better than me.

"See? He wants to put others down to make himself feel better", says Mother.

Petros hasn't gone to the aeroplane factory to help (or dominate) Father this morning, because of their heated conversation this morning. I don't even have to ask; I can well imagine Father told him if he's depressed he should stop wasting his life on absolute nonsense. If he needs money, he should go do some kind of work or start some kind of serious business. But experience tells us that Petros doesn't want to commit to anything, not even his own ideas. Usually he just wants to put others to work as slaves and then makes his money through their efforts while he does nothing but drink Coke.

Years ago he told me we were going to start an animation business together. So we did. However, it soon became obvious he was expecting me to do all the work while he doesn't do what he says he would, or help me in any way, yet of course expecting to join in the revenue I generated, even for jobs that had nothing to do with our animation business. The day I told him that it's not working and we need to end this right now, he of course exploded and was angry at me for years, calling me a backstabber.

And now, well, two years ago Petros suddenly said he's going to study for a degree. But what for, we all wondered. Petros will never want to get a job. So what's the use of spending such an extreme fortune and so much time on getting something that he doesn't want to use?

Anyway, he started, and didn't commit to it properly, causing him to fail some of his subjects and him doing it over for yet another year. And for what? That's what Father and I cannot understand, yet Mother encourages him to do it because she says if he has a degree, it will do a lot for his self-respect.

The evening, we sit down at the table and Mother says she wants to talk to me about my religious beliefs.

"You must remember, our minds are limited and we cannot understand everything".

"Who says, and why did you decide that's a fact?", I counter. "We can understand ANYTHING, provided we have the knowledge of its workings. It's our knowledge that is limited at any specific time, NOT our understanding. Through knowledge comes understanding."

But nope, it seems Father, Mother and Petros have decided they just want to team up and tell me that humans are too limited to understand how the universe works. Of course I don't agree. We can understand ANYTHING, provided we have gathered the necessary knowledge about the workings of the different aspects.

Petros is the worst. He follows the superstitious way of thinking: "Careful, watch out for lightning striking you just now!".

Oh please. He is the perfect example of why religion is standing in the way of humans' understanding of the universe. Because of their religion, they will remain dumb until they rot in their graves like stink corpses.

We go in and watch the news on TV. There's a report on a case of a girl killing her parents or whomever, because her boyfriend told her he's the third son of god and he wants her to do it.

"See, if there wasn't any religion, this evil wouldn't happen!", I rub it in the faces of my housemates.

Petros just goes yeah-yeah pessimistically.

I feel like a modern man stuck among the people in the dark ages with their religion, superstition and dogma, with no hope of light to show them the truth.

It's Wednesay morning. I decide to go have coffee on the West Wing stoep with everybody, so we can say goodbye to Petros. He's leaving for the airport this morning.

When I have my coffee and settling in, Petros says goodbye and gets up to go get his stuff ready to leave, or so Mother and I assume.

I drink my coffee while Mother is telling me, "I wish Petros would listen to me when I tell him not to wear t-shirts. It looks so ugly him wanting to have this huge bulge of a stomache sticking out so clearly! Why does he like to stupify himself like that?"

Yes Mother, why indeed. He doesn't know how fat he is. He doesn't. Or he's in total denial. I don't know why he's so self-sabotaging. He could look all composed, but now he looks like a fat blob stomache with limbs attached to it.

Oh wait, I think I know why he wants to wear t-shirts. Probably the students in that student town he lives in, all wear t-shirts and look sexy and YOUNG in it. That's of course what. He wants to look young.

In a minute or so, I finished my coffee and Mother and I get up to go say goodbye to Petros at the car. Mother first grabs her handbag and fiddles around with her purse, taking all her paper money to go give to Petros. Oh Mother, you poor, giving woman.

We make our way to the hallway to go out to the car, but Father calls to us from his study, "Petros already left."

Mother is upset that he didn't even say goodbye to her. Yeah woman, you always sacrificing yourself for him, and literally carrying money after him, you poor dear! He doesn't even say goodbye to you.

Oh well. All in all, I think I survived Petros' visit much better than usual. Usually I would be a complete mess while it was going on, and so relieved when he left so things can return to normal. But this time, perhaps because I have accepted that he is like he is not to insult me specifically, but because he's just a poor loser, nothing short of a bum, and he knows it; this time I have almost become used to his being here, and for one moment I even feel like I may miss him.

Fortunately, after a day, it passes. He'll be back soon enough, and if we're not careful, too soon!

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