Father rushed to the ICU

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Operations in the stomach area can many times be followed by fatal blood clots in the lungs. Unfortunately this was Father's lot too...

Father rushed to the ICU

After father's gallstones had been removed, he had to go back to hospital to have his gallbladder removed.

So, one morning we get up at 4am, so Father can check into Cronan Hospital in Voortrekkerdorp at 5am.

We arrive there extremely tired and sleepy, as can be imagined.

So, after all that rushing, we sit in the waiting room while one woman checks all the waiting patients in.

This takes hours and hours and hours. What was all that getting up early then?

Oh well, anyway, finally all that is done and Father is in a hospital bed and Mother and I sit and wait around next to his bed.

Finally it's time for his operation and he is wheeled away.

Some hours later, he's done. Mother and I sit with him the entire day while he's sleeping and sometimes awake and so on and on.

On another morning, Father is ready to be released from hospital. He's going home today, yay!

Harrison receives a call from Father. Father says something's wrong.

So Harrison goes to the hospital and finds Father asleep. But something's wrong. Father's looking blue and he's jerking around and not looking too good.

Harrison is in a flat panic and with the help of the nurses they wheel Father to the Intensive Care Unit.

Father wakes up meanwhile and doesn't understand what is going on now, seeing all the nurses and Harrison over him.

In the ICU, a woman Father later describes as a "battleaxe" rips off his clothes, saying "There's no clothes in here; just your Adam's suit. Now bring that 'gogga' here!", the latter referring to his privates that she grabs and smacks a catheter on.

Anyway, long story short, as can usually happen after operations around the stomache area, blood clots formed in his lungs.

Father's doctor has gone on vacation and another one now oversees Father, and he later explains that blood clots move through one side of the heart and are then filtered by the lungs where they remain and I'm afraid I forgot what else now, pity. I think sometimes they move on through the other part of the heart and then in the lungs again but if they move on from there they land up in the brain where they cause strokes.

Anyway, scans reveal that Father has two blood clots in his lungs after his gallbladder removal operation, and this is what caused some kind of problem.

Father recalls that years ago some friend of him also had an operation and then came out of hospital only to die some days later because of the blood clots.

But fortunately Father was still in the hospital and could be wheeled over to the ICU quickly and they could start treatment on dissolving the blood clots. He says if he hadn't been in hospital and had been left untreated for an hour longer, he would have died.

We go see Father regularly every day still. He's out of the ICU now and in a normal ward. Hopefully he will be able to go home soon, while continuing a new kind of pill that is not the old kind of treatment they used to use that is the same product as killing rats with.

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