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Why do we have fear? Can we spot the cause for it? Can we trace the genesis and adress the problem at the roots?An attempt in the direction of self help

Why do we have fear

Why do we have fear

Do you subscribe to any of the following fears?

Fear of humiliation
Fear of bodily harm
Fear of death
Fear of poverty
Fear of “losing it all”
The names and forms of fear could be many an multifarious. The broad categories also could be many and the ones mentioned above are just representative samples of the total population.

Though there cant be a set path to take when fear strikes, because the mind is already weakened and any of the mental tricks or mind management loose efficacy, once can break it down into the following steps.

In the rage or pressure of fear, one is tempted to ask , why, how and where from of the fear. Why this fear ?…. is probably a question which comes out of pain of having the fear…..its basically asking ….

“why am I having fear at all”. A positive approach would want to know the answer to this one. A more normative approach is required here which asks, why THIS fear and not some other type of fear or some other emotion. That’s when you can probably get off the FEAR of having a fear, reclaim your mental thought process and step outside the fury. What one is doing is that one is accepting that having fear is Ok and you are allowing the mind to not feel so worried about it. This acceptance is the toughest for any victim of the trauma of fear. The mind which attracts fear is somewhere showing signs of weakness and when fear strikes, it become weaker still and it will require a re assurance and feeling of security to accept the fear. But once this is done one can feel grounded to reality again.

The mind or the absence of it is the main sources of all answers that we generate or perceive.

So coming back to the broader understanding of fear we should gradually allow ourselves to cool and try to understand, Why THIS particular fear only from the entire bouquet of traumas that this world suffers from. This when we have accepted the fear and also are focused upon ourselves. So, we have narrowed the sample size and also understood the pattern of fear.

Tracing the genesis

What had happened before you started feeling fear? Did any particular incident contribute to your fear? Was it a dream? Was it a phone call? Was it a disguised message?
Does your fear follow daily patterns? When you wake up do you feel nervous? Is it the dusk and the dawn? the night ? After dinner? When you are alone?
Is it the Office hours? Is it the exam times ? Is it the presentation at office?
Is it relatives? The river? The sea? The height?
This process has to be carried out when the mind is relatively free from fear. If the mind is wandering freely when fear subsides then its a symptom of a person who is ignoring the warnings of given by fear and the small doses will end up becoming bigger. Please do not ignore those warnings.

Why Do I have this fear?

It may sound simplistic to reach at this stage of our investigation, but one MUST see every fear stroke as an opportunity to go deeper into the mind body complex and investigate the trends. You are never alone and you are not so discrete as you imagine yourself to be. The body maybe a discrete ever changing unit but the mind is a continuum of thoughts and it is in these mind-body patterns, which have been created over the years, that the keys to our relief lie. Entering into the mind-body complex, is a difficult process and a fairly time taking one in the beginning. Its a cloud when you try to observe the thought patterns! Meditation, will help here, and it will help those who are willing to stay in touch with it. Hypnosis, past life regression are some of the medical bullets that are available to help enter the mind body complex.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Apr 2013 (#)

Everyone has fears but to varying degrees. The best way for me is to accept the reality of what life has to offer and also try to change them for the better. Take each day as it comes. Past is over, future is uncertain, make use of the present as it is the best present! siva

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author avatar abhishek123
30th Apr 2013 (#)

Could not agree more sir. Thanks for the input. I was also trying to address the more repetitive fears that people face. The sticky ones. They clog the mental space, leaving little room for manuevering experiences.

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