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This article is a recount of the trouble I went through trying to get on disability back it 2005. The government gives the hardest times to people who are the sickest.

Sick in 2005

My readers know that I was too sick to work and I had to leave my job in 2005. This article is about the hoops I had to go through way back then.

You know that I used up all my unemployment insurance benefits, and tried to go back to school to improve my french to get a job again. This was no easy task as I was still sick and hardly able to walk; but I did it.

You know that I worked 3 days after all that school (4 months) and had to quit cause I was still too sick.

Temporary disability

Then I fell on welfare because I had no means of support. I fought with the doctors to sign a form for me to go on disability.

Every specialist that I went to said the government would not grant me disability for diabetes and fibromyalgia. I changed MD's and this new MD listened and said the best that he could do for me was to ask for temporary disability; at least this way I would get a bit extra money to live on.

I applied for temporary disability and I got it. However I was disappointed I did not get a whole lot extra. Anyhow they had me jumping through hoops for tests and more tests and had me go back three times in a year to have the doctor fill the form out again. Each time the form was supposed to be good for six months but they refused me the last time only after 3 months, claiming that I had exhausted all that the government funds offered for temporary disability.

I was so scared I didn't know what to do, but fortunately I had a very nice welfare agent who told me to try for permanent disability anyhow, at this point I had nothing to lose and she said she did have a few clients with fibromyalgia who got permanent disability.

Permanent disability

I turned around and applied for permanent disability and added on other conditions that the doctor never wrote down. I was scared I wasn't going to get it and I needed to strengthen the case. I added on being morbidly obese, I was housebound 10 months out of the year and cannot walk, due to a bad back. I have osteoarthritis in the back. I added irritable bowel disorder as well. I got the disability they agreed that my condition had deteriorated since I started the temporary disability.

The welfare transferred my file to the disability pension office, and yes I do get more now but here is what I just got in the mail today:

The Minsitere de l'emploi has exchanged information with the Regie des rentes du Quebec in accordance with the act respecting access to documents.... The purpose of this.....to verify whether you had made sufficient contributions to the Regime de Rentes du Quebec to qualify for a disability pension.

If you are entitled to a disability pension, the officer ....will notify you and assist you in submitting an application to the Regie.

If you are not entitled to a disability pension, you have no steps to take and the Ministere de l'Emploi ...will continue to pay you the assistance to which you are entitled.

What a load of crap. When will they just leave me alone? I am sick I need help and I don't need this aggravation.

Why would they transfer the darn file and then I get this letter, I should not be bothered with this, it should have been checked out before they transfer


I did get permanent disability and I have been on it every since.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Carol, thanks for sharing your article. I hope you are feeling better and are able to get around. You have certainly been given the run around. Thank goodness everything turned out okay!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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