Female abuse: The Early signs

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Like our previous series on child abuse, female abuse runs rampant all over the world.


Yesterday's topic was about abused children, but we know that men and women are abused as well. Today's topic is about abused women. What can we do about it and most importantly how can we prevent it. The series will end with a case study of a battered Montreal women and the role her friends played in her support.

The Earlier Signs:

The Earlier Signs:

These signs can be so subtle that women do not see them. Sometimes abuse is not there staring you in the face, sometimes relationships seem to start out normal and that is why so many women get hooked into the relationship before realizing what is happening.

Abusers don't always show their true colours in the beginning of a relationship, when they know the woman would run, sometimes they gradually change over time. This is confusing for women and makes it much more difficult to understand that abuse is going on and they should leave the relationship before they fall in love or become to heavily invested in the relationship.

signs that go unnoticed

Here are some early signs that may go unnoticed or justified by the woman in some way:

Alternating between loving and indifferent behaviour

Sometimes your guy acts loving one minute and totally indifferent the next. He may stop talking to you for any dumb reason, or maybe you don't even know why he has stopped talking to you. Then out of the blue he just starts talking to you again. Based on that premise alone, a woman would not necessarily think this was abuse.

The man might buy you flowers out of the blue, but if you ask him for a glass of water he may make you wait for an hour or so until he is good and ready to give it to you.

You may be dating him and he does not call you for days or weeks on end and then expects you to be so very happy to see him when he does finally show up.

Non consensual sex

He may demand sex and take it whenever he wants it. (Yes ladies this is a sign of abuse).

To be continued

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