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Why haven't you lost weight yet? Why don't diets work for you? Why are you still seeking advice from articles on the internet instead of trying things out yourself?

Find it yourself.

You are sitting there, reading page after page, tip after tip on how to lose weight and get in shape, and maybe even taking down notes on occasion, and that's all you do. You may take the stairs Monday, but the rest of the week you say screw it. You stop drinking soda for a day or so, but realize you love it too much and you're back to the six a day habit. You may even torment your family with the "healthy meal night", and as they groan you simply smile, having pleased yourself with your efforts. But you always go back to what you used to do before, and put the weight back on, or never lose it to begin with. Why does this keep happening? Simple. You keep doing stuff that doesn't work for YOU. Notice the emphasis I put on that last word. YOU. In order to be truly successful at weight loss you have to be selfish. I know, I know, you grew up being told that selfish is wrong and give others half of what you have to be fair and all that, but think about it, who benefits from your workout? Who put in the extra reps, who ran the extra few feet, who put the cookie down and didn't eat it? You. Period. You have to set aside time for yourself every day to workout, to eat something different for lunch, to make yourself a sandwich while everyone else eats fried chicken, to drink water when you want a coke. All that falls back on you and what you want to achieve. And don't get me wrong, it does suck to have to make room in your life for yet another chore, but what if it's not a chore, what if it's an investment? You get the oil changed in your car, you go to the doctor, you have a savings account, and for what? To prevent future problems from arising. You make an investment in things that are important. You take care of your spoiled rotten children, knowing they will complain anyway, because eventually they will pick out your nursing home, or make you a room in their house. Why wouldn't you do the same with your fitness? Is that 20 minutes everyday you spend on Facebook looking at how fat everyone got after high school really that much of a sacrifice? The ultimate point I am making here is this: whatever works for you, is what you need to do. It's that simple. Doing 100 crunches a night doesn't fit into your routine? Don't do that. Eating a breakfast of bananas and cereal everyday too boring? Don't do that either. Your cousin lost weight drinking soy milk all day every day?(please don't do that). You have to find your perfect combination of diet and exercise to be successful. I say this: take several different diets and exercise plans, pick and choose the ones you like and will stick with, and come up with your own plan. Your body and metabolism is different than anyone elses, and what worked for them will/may not work for you. It's trial and error, and takes true dedication to your goal. But then again, this is just another one of those articles on the internet you've been looking at all night...


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th May 2013 (#)

Straight to the heart of the matter, Matt! For me, close my eyes off and on to live it up. I know few who impose their regimen on their family members too - siva

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