First Aid For Ankle Sprain

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When you sprained your ankle the main goal is to lessen the pain and to reduce the inflammation as much as possible.

Sprained Ankle

Ligaments are fibrous tissues that connect the bone to another bone and helps in holding your joints in place. They are tough, strong and have elasticity that helps in the mobility of your joints. When over stretching, unusual twisting and excessive use of the ligament occurs, it can be injured or torn. Injured ligaments are very painful and swell rapidly. A sprain is an injury to a ligament. Take note that the greater the pain is the more severe the injury is. Ankle sprain is the most common because they are the most used of all ligaments. The symptom of a sprained ankle includes the following:

• There is pain, tenderness and swelling on your ankle.

• There is discoloration and bruising on your ankle.

• You have trouble moving your ankle.

• It is painful when you put your full weight on your ankle.

When you sprained your ankle the main goal is to lessen the pain and to reduce the inflammation as much as possible. The early treatment and therapeutic intervention of a sprained ankle can help speed its recovery and minimize further injury or damage to the ligament. Depending on the severity of the sprain, here are some first aid guidelines and tips in dealing with a sprained ankle.

Do not escalate the injury further. Use splints or crutches when needed. Support the sprained ankle.
Make sure you do not move the sprained ankle unnecessarily. You can continue on your daily regimen but make sure that the sprained ankle is well rested.

Put ice pack on the swelling ankle. Make sure you do not leave the ice pack too long on the injured area because extreme cold could cause tissue damage. You could do these four times a day for about 15-20 minutes. Continue doing this for two to three days.

You should compress the area with an elastic bandage or wrap. Do not make it too tight because it can impede blood circulation. Elevate the injured limb above your heart level whenever possible to prevent swelling and reduce the pain as well.

You can slowly use your sprained ankle after two days. Do this gradually and progressively until the sprained ankle is fully healed. If you cannot tolerate the pain you can take over the counter pain medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. You can also take anti inflammatory drugs to reduce the swelling.

• Take note that emergency medical intervention is needed if you have the following symptoms:

• The sprained ankle is not improving after three to four days.

• You have a fever and the sprained ankle is hot and red. You may have an infection.

• You have severe pain in the injured limb and the swelling worsens.

• There is prominent deformity in the injured area.



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