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Today's world we always get hurt somewhere or the other because its genuine but using first aid is the top priority required a must at any given time,Sometimes people think twice to get a first aid kit from the chemist because it costs they don't understand that sometime even if they get hurt themself then first aid is required for them too.....

Come To Me And I Will Heal You

Today's busy world we are running and running always,
We are always running for something else or the other,whether we are at work,home or elsewhere.We think less and work more but busy always in that situation we tend to get hurt working and don't realise much unless its a major wound,always whenever we do physical work we must always be careful,specially people doing and heavy job like loading,picking up heavy instrument and specially people dealing in glass and marble job should take utter care while doing their job,they do their job right but always get hurt and badly wounded at a certain time if owner is not available or they are alone doing their job...

At this particular moment someone else can help that person by using the first aid.Even schools have first aid,if a child gets hurt first aid is applied immediately there are also first aiders who have been trained in school to use the first aid kit on emergency if its a deep wound they can take care of it well till the child is taken to the doctor.So you see why first aid is necessary and more of if we have the first aider trained then its good for the opposite person in case of any emergency these guys can take care of them because they are trained well even if too much blood is bleeding atleast they will not faint,fall down or vomit by seeing blood.......

There are many people who faint or feel giddy if they see a lot of blood somewhere so not all can face blood or see a deep wound.Because it takes a little courage to see it,that's the reason first aid is important everywhere specially at home a cotton,dettol bottle,band aid,bandage and a wound powder which is available at any chemist can be easily afforded by anyone since we have children at home who are very naughty and in extreme cases even a family fails to keep a first aid kit they may have everything in the house but what is important is not there....

So friends if you can afford to eat for yourself.Please get and first aid kit in the house or elsewhere because it can really save a life or keep him safe if he or she is badly hurt
till taken to the hospital.......

Home remedies are always there....But folks First Aid Kit is a must if you don't have one get is right away........
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