First Major Heavy Laser Eye Surgery

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When retinopathy develops and the eye starts growing veins to replace the blood leaking veins inside the eye, Caused by Diabetes and too much sugar in the eye. lasik surgery to cut the growth of new veins and isn't hard for the eye to get over. Heavy laser surgery to remove the vitreous material is a hard thing to have done and reduces the amount of sight in your eyes.

Lasik Surgery:

When your eyes have too much sugar in them caused by Diabetes, it grows multiple veins to try to compensate for the blood leaking from your original veins. This is Retinopathy. To fix this, doctors will use a light laser surgery and cuts the growth of new veins in your eye out. After this is done then the eye doctor must use major laser surgery to remove the fatty deposits of leaked blood from your eyes.

Laser Surgery To Remove Vitreous

A very much harder laser surgery which requires two needles to be stuck in your eye, top and bottom to thoroughly numb the eye while the doctor uses a laser to remove the blood spots caused by the leaking blood veins in your eyes. The leaked blood collects in spots inside the eye and become Vitreous Deposits and must be removed via laser.

Developing Eye After Surgery

While it is still numb, it doesn't hurt so bad. But by the second day feeling comes back in a raw rush and not only does it swell, but it leaks fluid at first.

The Second Day After Surgery

The first day you don't want no light too bright around your eyes. The second day you wake up with an eye that is stuck together, with gelated fluid around the opening of your eye and the corners still leaking clear fluid.

Third Day After Surgery

The pain really hits the third day and all you want to do is sleep so you can forget the pain..At the present time this is how it looks and you can't do much of anything. Hopefully you will have someone around who can read for you and do what you can't do for yourself. Thank my dear God for my son Kevin who helps me get around and checks on me. I guess he has noticed that this was different surgery than the last 3 times which were lasik. As for now I will be a little under the weather and will read your pages when I am able. I will tell you how it turns out on day 4 when I live it. Later good friends. .

Up Date 1

A lot of the blood in my eye is gone so it has stopped bleeding alot. Am recovering. These surgeries will save my sight.I will never have the acuity I once had but sight is very good when the alternative is blindness.


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author avatar Trillionaire
15th Sep 2013 (#)

This was very interesting. Never heard of it.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Sep 2013 (#)

Are you able to see after that?? What are the chances of error in these corrective surgeries???

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Sep 2013 (#)

Fact remains that diabetics have brittle blood cells and excessive sugar,no doubt can be curtailed by insulin but truth about eyesight is strict discipline wherein there is zero tolerance to sugar because this is the main culprit.
To a certain extent a diabetic could be susceptible to Blood pressure which also means that salt needs to be kept on the minimal too as that has the similar debilitating effect as the vessels constrict causing the bleeding.

Surgeries may help but without change of diet, blindness is the only thing that comes in as all these things have error rates that cause further damage rather than rectification.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
15th Sep 2013 (#)

I have had glasses since I was young and I really hate them and have wanted to get laser surgery for some time now, but do not have the money. It is good to hear about it though, hope you are soon without pain and have good eyes after.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
16th Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you for sharing this with us dear Rose . It certainly looks very uncomfortable , but I pray the surgery will be a great success and worth all the pain.
God bless you and a speedy recovery and good sight .
Stella ><

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author avatar Retired
18th Sep 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article! I did not know of this medical condition.

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author avatar Retired
7th Oct 2013 (#)

I had not heard of this before, thanks for the informative article. This looks like it was very painful.

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