Five Back Painfree Tips

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The best tips for the prevention of low back pain.

Five Back Painfree Tips

The human spine is a backbone that needs to be protected. At age of 20, it starts to wear off. The degeneration process is prone to every joints of the body that includes the inner and outer structures, such as ligaments, tendons and cartilages.

The causative factors vary from one person to another:
1. Occupation;
2. Diet;
3. Trauma;
4. Diseases; and
5. Poor body posture.

Aside from medications prescribed by doctors, prevention is the best way to refrain from infliction of back pain. Majority of the people complaint such localized dull aching pain in their lower back area, specifically at the level L4 to L5 of the vertebrae. It is inevitable not to experience such low back pain due to activities of daily living.

Back painfree can be achievable with the principles of proper body mechanics (PBM). These mechanics can be practically used in a daily basis, aiming to protect the joints of the body. The following are the ways to prevent from having low back pain:

1. Lifting an Object
Bend the knees in a squat position before lifting the object, such as heavy box.

2. Carrying an Object
While carrying an object, never twist the back in left or right direction. It needs to execute in pivot motion to desired direction and the object should be close to the body.

3. Push and Pull the Object
When pushing the object, one knee bends forward and the other knee extends backward. Then push the object in coordinated manner.

When pulling an object, one knee extends forward and the other knee bends backward. Then pull the object towards the body in coordinated manner.

4. Working in a Sitting Position
If the job related is sitting in front of a desktop computer, you need to adjust the chair in 90 degrees angle knee bends with the lower back support with throw pillow while leaning the back chair. The monitor should be in eye level to prevent neck strain.

While sitting in a long period of time and experiencing low back pain, take the time to rest by standing for 10 minutes, since greatest pressure of the lumbar joints is in sitting position.

In some instances, if the chair is too high for you and the feet are not touching the floor. The best option is to use a foot stool.

5. Waiting In-Line
In some occasion, waiting in-line is the worst thing to do. Standing for a long period of time can lead to low back pain. The best regimen for this is to stand from one leg to another, preventing the strain in the lower back area.


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3rd Jun 2015 (#)

good post for person like me , having back pain problem.

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