Five Healthy Snack Tips

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Five good and healthy snack tips to use between the main meals, which gives you saturated feeling.

Five Healthy Snack Tips

Just home with your arms full of children, bags, lunchboxes and the groceries you bought on the way home from work? In this situation most parents are tired and just want to sit down for 20 minutes, enjoying being home before starting on the dinner, but the children are also tired, hungry and want activity. Now good advice is expensive; what can you give your child to eat as a snack? This should satisfy them and keep them going for the next hour before the dinner is ready.

Snacks should be easy and with children it shouldn't be too complicated. Drop giving the rice cookies, fruit yogurt or loads of fruit, because it only gives a quick blood sugar increase. A snack should be more filling and help the children maintain a more stable level of blood sugar. Try these five healthy snack tips;

1. Crackers are a good snack, it contains a high level of fibers and the crunchy crispness is something most kids like. You can add a little jam, honey or fig sandwich spread to it without feeling guilty. But only give one piece, and if the child is still hungry give a carrot next to it.

2. Vegetable jack are mostly a hit. It is a bowl of various carved vegetables like, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, celery and next to it a small bowl of dip. The dip must be healthy and could be made of a low fat natural yogurt. The kids find it nice to have something to dip the vegetables in, and you can cut the vegetables the night before so they are ready when you walk in of the door. And further more it is a good way to get your kids to eat more vegetables, after all it makes no difference of the vegetables are consumed at 4:30PM or at 6PM.

3. Müslibar are also good snacks, but you must make sure they are healthy.

4. A smoothie which saturates. Because fruits are so sweet, it is important that the children feel they got their hunger satisfied until the dinner is ready. This is the reason a smoothie with milk or yogurt, are good alternatives to sliced fruit, it saturates the stomach better.

5. Oatmeal is a great thing! You can add oatmeal to almost everything, meatballs, rolls, pastries, smoothies, but they are also great with milk. Oatmeal has a high level of fiber, protein and iron. If it should be easy, fast and effective, give your child a little portion of oatmeal with milk. Oatmeal fills and keep the blood sugar stable.

A good müslibar recipe and smoothie recipe can be found here.


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author avatar Denise O
10th Jan 2011 (#)

All good suggestions. That's how I use to get my kids to eat their veggies and they just loved their fruit smoothies.
Ahhhh, it makes me miss my kids. They're now 28 and 25 and all grown.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Vernazoa
2nd Oct 2011 (#)

I enjoyed reading all these yummy treats. Thank you

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