Five Tips to Prevent Children from Accidental Ingestion

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Pediatric accidental ingestion cases are increasing day by day. This leads to serious consequences. Most of these accidents occur mainly due to unsupervised conditions.

Five Tips to Prevent Children from Accidental Ingestion

Accidental ingestion is very common in modern life. It is estimated that nearly 75% cases of poisoning in children occur due to accidental ingestion of drugs. Much care should be taken to prevent kids from having access to medicines.

Children are very fond of sweets. For their inquisitive eyes everything appears to be sweets and eatable. One day little Jane was fiddling with her grandpa’s diabetes tablets. The attracting color and shape of the pills had been tempting the little kid for a long time. She had been waiting for a chance to open the dark green bottle. That day Jane succeeded in opening it. With a smiling look all around, she took a few pills. Her long time curiosity made her swallow them in seconds. After a few minutes she began to vomit. Then only her mom came running and she took no time to find out what would have happened.

This is just one of the many scenarios that occur daily resulting in dangerous accidents of drug ingestion. Some times these accidental ingestion turns into fatal incidents. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that seven out of pediatric poisoning cases in the US are due to unintentional drug ingestion.

Five tips to prevent accidental ingestion

1) Most of the accidental ingestion cases take place due to careless handling of medicines. It is the natural habit of children to put everything they find into their mouths. Especially when they are attracted by the shape and bright color of the pills and syrups, they are easily tempted to become the victims. Therefore the first thing to prevent this mishap is to keep medicines out of their reach. The elders should be very careful not to leave the medicines carelessly within the reach of the children.

2) Another great danger of this case is the tendency of the little children sharing these medicines with other children. In these circumstances it becomes extremely difficult to handle the situation. This also should be avoided by proper supervision.

3) Ingestion accidents happen not only in children under five years but also older children. Hence we should be aware to neutralize the risk by preventing access. This awareness is very much needed in countries like India. The suppliers of medicines also should pack them with child-resistant caps.

4) Proper protection like child-resistant caps and good packaging mechanisms will prevent the children from opening them easily. If the packaging is strong, the children will give up their attempts after trying a few times.

5) Push through packs
Push through packs or blister packs have thicker foils and are resistant to the attempts of children. These kinds of packaging are available in advanced countries. This kind of packing can avoid most of the pediatric poisonings.

Handling children is very delicate. They should be supervised very carefully. The necessity of child resistant packaging has been felt mandatory to avoid ingestion accidents.


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