Five Tips to Strengthen Conscience

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A must read article to enhance the moral conscience of every individual especially the youth.

The Definition

Dilemma is a difficult matter most people do not want to meet head-on in life. It is something that obliges everyone to make a decision which is usually confusing. Most likely people who meet such moral dilemma seek guidance and advices from the elders they respect. They are the ones experienced in life who matured enough to be able to make wise judgments in life.

But in the recent generations most young people seek advices from their peers who most likely have the same erroneous conscience. These young people feel the sense of belonging and seek justification for their usual erroneous judgments that later on hinders them to get closer to matured people for a better opinion and/or suggestions. It is a common reason that they fear what they will hear which is normally against their will.

Conscience is a spiritual power that guides everyone to know what is right and wrong. It is the small voice from within that makes sure a person acts accordingly to what is right. This is build by the significant people in life may it be the family, friends, teachers, religious guardians, and the like.

5 Tips

1. Be morally aware. Start the awareness with your self by reflecting on what you have done, said, or thought of. Does it make sense, fair, and beneficial to everyone?

2. Understand and apply the core values. For the years of living in the world somehow every individual has learned the core values – love, peace, truth, responsibility, etc. The practice of applying these values will help you arrive to the best decision fair to everyone.

3. Seek advices from the matured ones. It is worth the time to listen and see the view of the elders who are more mature and experienced. They will enrich you with wisdom and help you enhance moral awareness.

4. Review and reinforce. After viewing every perspective that has been laid down to you take time to review and learn which ones array to the moral basis. Do not always take every opinion or advice correct. After all not every individual is right.

5. Reflect. Take time to reflect and find alternative actions. Be aware of the possible consequences and identify which alternative is morally strong. Being impulsive is usually misleading. Be sure to know yourself. If you are stubborn remind yourself that you can be better than that. If you think you are always right remind yourself that not everyone at every time is right. No matter how experienced or matured you may be. No one in the world knows everything.


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author avatar Retired
4th Oct 2010 (#)

Very nice! Elders know a lot more about the world than they are sometimes given credit for.

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author avatar dak
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Great article and good info friends.

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author avatar CC23
5th Oct 2010 (#)

thanks for the comments pal. hope the young ones will have time to read and internalize this. =)

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author avatar Denise O
7th Oct 2010 (#)

So, when I tell the hubby I am always right, this is not so.:)
I have learned so much by the elders in my life.
Good article, thank you for sharing.

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author avatar CC23
7th Oct 2010 (#)

thank you my friend. very well said from you.

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