Five very useful tips to cure Hypertension

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Hypertension now a day’s prevalent in old and young people also.
In addition to Consuming Daily medicine, Hypertensive patient should learn the ways to control hypertension

High blood presuure

1. Causes of Hypertension
-Sedentary habits, lack of physical activity
-Angry nature
-Over emotionality
-Worrying and over anxious nature
-Typical nature of over perfection
-High intake of salt and oily food
-Person who faces family disturbance such as matrimonial problems, domestic quarrels
Are more prone to develop high blood pressure.
Quarrelsome wife or husband in house is potential contributors in raising their spouse’s Blood pressure Bad boss at office can easily disturb blood pressure of his sensitive employee by his arrogant And rude behaviour
-Financial problems
-One most contributing factor is over sensitivity of human. This makes sympathetic nerves Over active and which in turn raise blood pressure.

2. Prevention and cure of Hypertension
-We know causes of hypertension. By avoiding causes we can lessen possibility of hypertension.
-Regular exercise and daily long walks are most useful to control high blood pressure.
-Regular and timely medicine intake is must. Many groups of medicines are available. They all
Have their side effects. It is advisable to consume medicine of blood pressure with food or Breakfast. This will reduce side effects of pills for blood pressure. Some patients show gap between Blood pressure reading of sitting and supine position.
-One major factor useful for reducing high blood pressure is weight control. Patient who reduceTheir weights by five to six kilogram under medical guidance are observed to reduce their Hypertension considerably.
-Harmony of family members, good work atmosphere can help man to keep his blood pressure In control.
-Regular satisfactory sexual relation between husband and wife is also fine for
Relaxation and in turn lowering blood pressure.
-Regular medical checkups are also advisable.
-Over eating is strictly prohibited for hypertensive persons.
Food with high fibre and soya food are best for hypertensive patient. More Fruit intake is Advisable.
Garlic is wonder Herb which is advisable to consume daily with lunch.
Walnut is one type of dry fruit which lowers high blood pressure, provided we
Took it on daily basis. Walnut also reduces tryglysrene fats in blood of human body.


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7th Aug 2010 (#)

True and informative.

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13th Apr 2011 (#)

What medicine is really I take for better cure from hyptn plz info me.

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