Flu and Its Medication

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Flu often overlooked by people. Some people easily consume flu drugs which are sold freely on the market in the excessive doses, without heeding the instructions written on the packaging. Some people also don't care that they have spreading the virus to others through their careless behavior when they get a flu.

Flu and Its Medication

Winter has coming. It is time for you to be vigilant to flu virus. Even according to the experts, you should be preparing yourself to the flu season since early October, and keep watch out, because the flu virus will continue to spread and growing by the chill of the weather.
Flu-like illness is often considered as a common disease and taken lightly by most people. Whereas, on the rate of severe, or if it occurred to the weak people such as infants, children, the elderly the disease can also bring to the death if untreated correctly.
The disease is also known to be very rapidly transmitted through the air. When we are sneezing, the particles of flu virus drifted in the air and perch on the people nearby. Not only that, also when we shake hands or be touched by people with flu, or the flu sufferers spoke face to face with us, inadvertently flu virus can also perch on us though the flu patient is not being sneezed.
This is compounded by the number of people with the flu who are also trivial on their disease and freely interact with the people around them without a mask covering their nose and mouth, or not covering their nose and mouth when sneezing and not washing their hands after covering their nose when sneezing, this reckless behavior has unwittingly spread the virus to people around them.
Flu viruses spread very quickly. To that end, in order to protect the weaker members of our families, it is recommended that they get the flu vaccine. Ideally, the vaccine is given once a year.
So, what if we've already experience the flu? Many people usually take a shortcut by consuming drugs that can be bought freely on the market. In fact, the consumption of these OTC drugs in the long term can lead to serious problems in our body organs such as kidney disorders, liver, heart and so on which usually also mentioned on the drugs packaging.
Why is that? Any drugs we consuming, especially in the form of tablets or capsules will incriminating kidneys' work. And because we do not know whether the severity of flu we are experiencing can be treated with a drug-free drink, then sometimes people can drink up much drugs, but not yet healed. As a result, we become immune to the specific ingredients in the drugs. In addition to the use of indiscriminate drug dosage means there are many chemicals in our body, which can harm our body.
Actually at drug packaging, it also listed an advice to immediately consult a doctor if it does not heal as well, usually after three consecutive days consuming the drug. In addition, when we are consuming the drug, it is recommended that we drink lots of plain water to help the kidneys work. Don't drink milk, tea, coffee or other beverages besides plain water to swallow the drug and for some time after ingesting the drug.
But again, all this advice is pretty much neglected by people. Likewise, when there is suggestion that the drug should be consumed a half in once consuming, or one teaspoon for the liquid medicine for example, some people are not afraid to add the recommended servings with assuming the more of the ingested dose, the faster the recovered. It is indeed a dangerous action.
If we decided not to see the doctor because we feel that the flu we are experiencing is less severe, the natural medicine to cure the flu is taking more rest and eat plenty of nutritious foods and increased consumption of vitamin C.
Flu is a disease that is spread through the virus and will be easy to develop in people who are not in prime condition such as have a sleep deprivation diet with malnutrition, etc.


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