Fluoride, Beneficial or Detrimental To Your Health?

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Fluoride, is it beneficial or is it harmful? Let's take a further look into this ever present component.

Are You Informed?

When you hear the word Fluoride, most likely what comes to mind is a visit to the Dentist, or a commercial brand toothpaste. You are less likely to associate Fluoride to your drinking water, and even more unlikely to consider it a potential health risk. This information has been circulating, and available for some time now, therefore you may already be informed. For those that are not aware, the following is for you to consider.

What Is Fluoride and Is It Beneficial?

Fluoride is the main component of Fluorite. Concentrated levels of Fluoride will cause skin irritation. Fluoride has a distinctive bitter taste, and is odorless. Although, when it is added to our water in a process of water fluoridation it does not affect the appearance, smell or taste of our drinking water. Water fluoridation is said to reduce the rate of tooth decay, and increase the rate of remineralization of teeth in early stage of cavities. Drinking water is generally our largest source of Fluoride consumption, while other means of ingestion can occur through toothpaste, salt, and milk.

Fluoride, Is It Toxic?

Further research determined that Fluoride is in fact a poison. It has been associated to being the contributing factor in causing: cancer in young men, osteoporosis, reduced I.Q., and a cause in hip fractures among the elderly population, to mention only a few. Sodium Fluoride is a highly toxic poison, it is also the active ingredient found in rat poison. It is a neurotoxin which causes permanent behavioral changes. It is also reported to be responsible for Fluorosis (staining of and ruining of white teeth). This being quite the contradiction to what the general population has been led to believe for years.

Making Choices

If this startles you into making changes, be forewarned and forearmed that while possible it can prove to be a difficult task to do. Many bottled waters also contain Fluoride, which means the consumer must be responsible and read the labels for the ingredients. Alternative toothpastes are available, and can be found in most natural food/health stores. Many dental practices also now offer Non-Fluoride based treatments, and are ever emerging in our society. When you visit your Dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning, you can also request that they omit the Fluoride treatment. It is your right, and your responsibility to choose what you feel is beneficial for your own health.


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