Following Alice Down the MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychological Rabbit Hole: Oops!

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Going down into the perverbial 'rabbit hole' requires courage, along with the undaunted desire to learn and grow. It means to let go of the idea of who you think you are in order to find out what may be a more accurate depiction of your soul's intent. Nothing works as well as leaping into those murky waters of the unrevealed subconscious without having a guarantee of expected result. Who knows until you slide way down...

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Liberation of the Precious Ruthless Soul!

Liberation of the soul involves an esoteric fully conscious integrated merging of denied attributes of your personality. In other words, you are actively in direct opposition to something your precious ruthless soul wants to experience! It’s all an identifiable subject of pride, resistant conciliation and belligerent refusal to ‘walk in murky waters.’

Nothing happens before it is time and nothing occurs without your having been prepared for it in innumerable ways. Though you may, at first disagree, within a matter of minutes, once having taken the material to the sole of your feet, you will arise and walk without the little slump from undisclosed unresolved matters that continue to weigh you down.

The funny thing is: your really believe that no one notices your silent air of discontent.

You honestly act as if no one can see the unrest and irritability you display even thou you portray a broad smile of affectionate interest. What about all those heavy sighs, yawns, and ‘forgetting what you were going to say’ episodes?

Oh, Yes! Those quirky incidents speak volumes of what is actually transpiring inside of you at esoteric levels you have been unwilling to look into, up until now. There’s a lot going on with you! More than you care to invite into open discussion. For fear of rocking the boat, you’d rather leave ‘well enough’ alone. But the trouble is: well enough aint good enough anymore!

While you were sleeping, dreaming and trying not to decipher your multi-faceted dreams, your precious ruthless soul was diligently at work to “wake you” up! You want to know more. You desire to be set free from the constant nagging, unsettled, consistently restless, bored anxiety you feel for no apparent reason. And, even in those times when you can invent a logical excuse for your explosive unruly, sometimes mildly unacceptable, behavior, you aren’t satisfied with the answer or result.

You are simply tired of defending your positions, excusing your attitude, and explaining your feelings, which you can’t do very well anymore since your feelings have changed with the seasons of incisive dearth. So what are you to do in the case of the missing person: YOU?
Find where you are hiding. How can you do that, you may ask? By looking behind the door of embarrassing, shameful and unacceptable interludes, the vision of unexpected summoned bliss stands waiting.

Whether you consciously acknowledge it or not, you instinctively know you are being liberated. To finally arrive at that point where every known defense/explanation you have ever held against or for something has virtually crumbled right before your eyes is what has been referred to as: Nirvana. Well, maybe not that exact term...

You are mysteriously unmoved, glad but unable to express it. You are left, clueless and disintegrated, without guile, preparation or recourse, to enjoy and embrace that one single moment of knowing what it really means to be connected with your divine source.
Without having to explain yourself (even if you possibly could), you are feeling yourself moving into a dimension of unexplored waters.

They are new waters for sure and certainly shadowy, but nonetheless, you are moving with the flow where it goes. You will not be silent any loner, nor will you sublimate your truest desires by and through the direction or instruction of another. No longer do you want to live in fear of whether you can live up to the other person’s expectations and demands.

At this second and not one before, the crystal clear vision of your sacred sensual sexual artistic creative soul’s intent is revealed in full dynamic magnificence. Talk about ‘being redeemed”, you will feel as if you have literally jumped into the proverbial abyss and giggle like hell all the way down or up depending on which way you bounce.

On your way to that place of sacred MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric psychological freedom, you will cease making things so important. It aint nothing but a thing! {Less than that, really.} You won’t attribute significance for your participation in the ‘life or death’ events. You’ll KNOW the punch line; why not, you wrote the joke. No longer chained and led by a ringed nose of dutiful self-intoxicated performance.

Self-intoxication is a weighty devil. It’s all a movie, anyway. That’s all it’s ever been. You’ve seen the previews. Aint much to it!

You’re the one who foolishly believed the actors and their convincing roles, including your own. You’re the one who created so many tell-tale dramas in order to trick yourself into believing you really cared and more importantly that it mattered. HA!. Not so, Jackson Joe.

All is for observance, reaction and and experience from verifiable soul’s earth experience.

Don’t try to interfere in the process of peeling back the layers of stuffy pretense. {It merely warps the view} Life gets so richly pleasurably indulgent in the moment YOU simply must step out of the way. How do you do that?

When something unexpectedly, maybe, even sizzling bizarre, appears out of no where nudging/nodding, prodding/luring you in the face, waiting for a direct response; do it. Don’t ask questions; just follow where the rabbit goes. Who cares where she’s taking you? Alice didn’t!

"You aint got nothing else to do but follow her".

How are you possibly going to discover what’s down there IF you don’t get off your rump and go? It’s a gas. A real ‘slap you in the ass’ gas! Stop putting so much energy in trying to "fix" a troublesome matter.

There’s nothing to fix, mend or put in order. Nothing is out of order, remember? And, when a crisis comes knocking at the door, don’t bar it. Fling it open. Invite the beleaguered guest in. Don’t look for explanations or apologies. None to be found, except the ones you care to invent.

Don’t try to pacify yourself by having someone else agree with you or your ideas on the matter of your evolving convresion, either. “Gotta travel the trail of heartbreak or heart thrill, alone". Apprehension, worry, anxiety lasts BUT A MOMENT, {Grief, less than that} UNLESS YOU TALK YOURSELF INTO THE REASONABLENESS OF YOUR ACTIONS, then, it lasts for years.

Don’t appease yourself,[extending the saga, by needing an APATHETIC LISTENER to try to soothe your loss, approve of or validate the pain, celebrate your exaltation, when there is no appeasement to be had.

Everything evolves; like a spiraling vortex of unexpressed dynamic energy!

Don’t ask another soul anything about what has shown up so inexplicably or unfortunately on your life’s shore. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR SPECIFIC LIFE? Get in touch with you.

Just GO THROUGH IT; you foolish MORTAL. Don’t imitate. Don’t whine and pine excessively. Experience the depth, breath and width of what it’s like to be human. You asked to come here. These occasions don’t happen very often.

Stay in the illustrious brevity of the sensual experience. It will pass so quickly. Seize the moment and rejoice in the opportunity to squeeze every ounce of shallow reality out of it.

The emotions involved in the experience are so unlike anything you could have ever imagined, had you not gone through it. Although in truth YOU are the one who called into existence the circumstance/event in the first place, the unforgettable events are a constant reminder of just how clever and ingenious you are as an artistic director in your life.)

Get still and recall how it all began before you were who you THINK you are now. Get rid of the idea of comparing what you do or have done in the past. This is a brand new day with new and exciting perplexing cosmically staged avenue of experiences. MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology is happening in this space of this unmentionable second at the speed of light.

You are in the midst of every ounce of it because you are the author of it. You called it into being. I didn’t. “I got my own deal going on!”

Sound insane? Isn’t the whole ridiculous notion of us existing on a planet for “x” number of years, for no formidable logical apparent reason insane, as well? In the ancient scriptures it was Paul w3ho admonished us, “work out your own salvation through fear and trembling.”

Let no person on two legs guide you in your personal idea of deliverance. That’s your own deal.

I can hear you replying, “But, so and so says this and so and so says that.” Big Whoopie Do Triple Poo. Does that make the atmosphere yield less than 78% nitrogen in its composition? Or does that explain how the male squid provides the eggs for the female squid to hatch?

If, in fact, she so chooses to keep them? Who cares what someone else does or believes? You have an unbelievable incalculable mind! It does not matter what other people do or say.

There’s another bugle call for them. Stop trying to live their lives by deciphering how you must share all of your great ideas with them. Wait until the manifestation occurs and then they will see for themselves. "The truth is down 'here' in this rabbit hole, it really doesn't matter at all IF they never see or hear a word of what you do or say."

The real Biggie from inside the hole: "You can have anything you want WHEN you no longer want it!"

We all find our eggs in the henhouse without getting pecked, sometimes. Observation comes to those who are ready to observe. Everything else is sheer fantasy. “All things in due season… the rest is vanity.”

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Wonderful share..

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Thanks so much for the share

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So glad to be a part of you all!

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