Food- A Discussion in three parts.

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Everyone on earth needs food to survive. Yet we may spend more time wondering what our next meal will be rather than where our next meals will come from. Countries with the highest standards of living have more abundance and variety than third world countries. We who have more than most others should consider how we can provide for those who have little, and must live one day at a time.

Food-An Overview

Food. The word conjures up more images than most any other word in any language. Depending upon geographical location, proximity to the equator, altitude, or the culture in which one lives, food means different things to different people. Food can be thought of in many contexts: the need of it, its shortage or abundance, the variety available, whether it is from plants or animals, whether it is organic or genetically modified. Preparation varies from region to region, culture to culture. Methods of preparation and storage are affected by other factors, such as the use of a wok, where the scarcity of wood dictates quick cooking, or whether the food must be consumed immediately due to lack of refrigeration. Some foods need no preparation, where others can be prepared in any number of ways. Cooked, uncooked, fried, baked or steamed, preparation methods are innumerable.

Food-Part of every celebration or occasion.

Food is a part of every holiday celebration, graduations, weddings, and funeral service. Promotions, birthdays and anniversaries are all occasions where food is on the agenda. Catering is also a big business, with no limit to what can be ordered and in what quanitites. The only limitation is the money the buyer has to spend for the event or occasion.

Even in everyday life, the number of restaurants in most any city is overwhelming, and most specialize to meet the customers' whim. Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian; the list goes on and on. In the fast food industry, there are changes in the menus sometimes monthly in an effort to attract those not current customers. Competition for the loyalty of customers is fierce.

Food-In the Media.

The number of magazines for women having sections related to food, its purchase, and its preparation is innumerable. Newspapers provide sale papers, often in number, with stores competing to offer better prices than competitors.

Cable and satellite channels are dedicated to the growing, preservation, and preparation of food. There is also focus on the types of food specific to a culture .or the culture in which the food is being served. Sometimes the food itself is the celebrity. Dishes such as Chicken Cordon Bleu or Baked Alaska are often on the menu of your favorite restaurant. Celebrity chefs abound in developed countries because of a culture’s preoccupation with food and its preparation. These chefs may specialize is specific foods, with their creativity adding to their notoriety!.

Food-Then and Now

NOW AND THEN - The abundance of food in the present day stands in stark contrast to the struggle of men and women to survive in ages past during periods of shortage. Farming allowed individuals to remain in one location for longer durations, but drought and other adverse conditions still made farm life precarious. War also impacted the production of food, as it prevented the care needed to ensure the most bountiful of harvests. Only as the Industrial Revolution modernized farming methods did people begin to live beyond a subsistence economy. It is ironic that the United States government now pays farmers not to grow food. And corn, a staple in the diet of many in this country for years, is now used to make non-food products, such as ethanol fuel.

Food - Parts 2 and 3 to follow

Part 2 will examine food as discussed in the Holy Scriptures or Old Testament. Some of the facts or details will be surprising!

Part 3 will discuss what we can do to make a difference as we consider our lives, our abundance and our compassion for others.


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Waiting for parts 2 & 3. Well done!

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