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Is it possible that some kind of food make us feel addicted

Enjoying food

Ok it's natural and it's normal that lot of people appreciate good food, enjoy preparing lunches and dinners for friend,like to experiment new types of international cuisine and do love to eat everything.

But what does food addiction mean?!
It's when you think 24/7 about food
When you watch only cooking programs on tv
When you search always new recipes
You turn on your PC just to see what restaurants offers and if someone posted some new photos so you can "eat with your eyes".
You dream about food
You are always hungry

Types of food that create addiction

I've been reading and informing myself and I figured out that some types of food can really create addiction. Here is the list of some of them:
Fried food
Peanut butter
Salty food like crispy bacon in the morning with fried eggs

What to do

Ok. What to do. If you recognize yourself if one of my descriptions it means that your stomach is already really big and you're gaining weight. More you eat more you want. It's like a drug.

Avoid drinking alcohol because you won't believe it it makes us hungry and it makes us fatter.
When you start thinking about your "drug" I mean about food... Stand up and start doing something. It doesn't matter what it is but you have to make busy your brain. Don't let your brain to lead you in this food addiction more more. Stand up for your health.


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author avatar Vicky Pino
17th Apr 2016 (#)

Well, I'm one to enjoy food a lot. I'm not for fast and junk food, so, if many did like myself Mac's would soon have to close quite a number of their outlets if not all of them. However, I do think that when we eat way too much or we think about food way too often it's because we've an empty lifestyle. A void in our lives is always filled with food and snacks of all sorts. I search for a recipe when I really need it and if in the past I watched the Kitchen Nightmare TV series it's to know what gross errors people make when they start a restaurant to the extend of getting amazed about some people.

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