Food for work (1)

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Few tips for those who wish to save a bit, taking their lunch to work.

Food for work (1)

On these days of mass unemployment, cuts on everything and having to tighten one´s belt, we´re obliged to cut down on many expenses, such outings, holidays, etc. However, we aren´t going to cut down on food as we have to eat everyday.
If you´re lucky enough to still having a job to go to, you´ll have probably decided on taking your own plastic container, because 1) you can´t afford to eat in a restaurant everyday no matter how cheap it is; and 2) Even when there´s a staff canteen and if working on catering, lunches are provided for staff while on duty, this (the food) is disgusting and more often than not you go without it, contenting yourself with a cuppa and perhaps a piece of fruit.
I know the feeling. I once worked in a four starred hotel. They provide food while on duty, but what hey give to the staff was so disgusting that many of us decided to bring in our own plastic container with whatever we´d prepared at home.
This is important if one wants to keep energetic till finishing work.
While one prepares an evening meal at home, one can spare some more time to prepare something to take to work. Thus, one will be able to save money and to be well fed.
There are many dishes that can be taken to work that are easy to prepare, filling and nutritious.
1. Omelets of a choice of fillings -potato and onion, artichokes, aubergines or courgettes. This and a mixed salad with a piece of fresh fruit will make a good and enjoyable lunch.
2. Pasta or rice. Gourmets tend to say that either pasta or rice dishes have to be eaten straightaway after cooking, but if made well and savoury, they´ll keep well for the next day.
3. Fried fish and a rich salad. I wouldn´t advise to fry chips on the day before, because these get soggy and are worse than rice and pasta cooked beforehand. So, a portion of a rich mixed salad will be a lot better.
4. A rich salad with corn, tomatoes, capers, olives, sliced onion, a tin of tuna or sardines and well dressed with a vinagrette.
If having a rich salad, we can indulge on a piece of cake of our choice and a yogurt.
Soup is another good bet to take in a flask and it´s so easy to make at home. You can choose whatever you feel like -vegetables, mushrooms, onions or whatever. It won´t take long to make one of these home made soups.
Your packed lunch from home can be eaten in the staff canteen if there´s one or in the open air such a park or secluded square. Anywhere of one´s fancy except the work desk and in front of the computer.

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2nd Dec 2013 (#)

Great tips here .The meals are nutritious and healthy!

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