Food markets on the verge to dissapear

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If one becomes a regular customer in a market stall, one will get the best produce and if need be, the seller will grant us credit when need be, because we're one of his customers.

Food markets on the verge to dissapear

I may sound somewhat nostalgic, but I'm not a bit. I'd describe myself as one that looks forward to the future, but keeping an eye on the past.
Markets of fresh food are disappearing in favour of big supermarkets everywhere. Many people claim that supermarkets are more convenient than walking to the nearest food market where one will have to queue at every stall. True. This is perhaps one of the few problems when one shops in a local food market contrary to the speed in supermarkets, although, we'll waste the time we've saved picking things when we join in a queue to pay up.
Ideally, we'd be better off if we could shop for food directly from farms. They'd sell us what they've grown at a real price and no one but a farmer would profit from our shopping as they are after all the ones that have worked on the land.
There may be such an option if one lives in a small town or village, but we, city dwellers, have to rely on supermarkets and, at the very best, at the few existing food markets.
One would wait a little bit to get fresh food rather than getting into one of these big shops fully lit and where food doesn't look like real. Or, at least, these deep red and round tomatoes seem to me like balls as well as the apples. They're way too hard to bite and one may risk a tooth.
I know I spend a bit more money when I shop for food in a local food market, but there's a difference when I shop in a market than when I shop in a supermarket.
A stall seller will have gotten up very early in the morning to go to the central market that there's in every big city and where they'll display all the fresh food to be bought and to sell in its market stall. He'll buy seasonal and what itt's cheaper for him. Thus, he'll be able to sell his produce at a reasonable price.
Go inside a food market and choose for a good fruit and vegetable stall as well as one for fish and meat and become a regular customer for them. They'll always recommend you what is best on a given day and, if need be, they'll give you credit if you need it, because you are one of his customers and he trusts you.
I wonder why local markets for fresh produce are disappearing to let way to big supermarkets. It isn't because food in supermarkets is better or a big business to be set up on these days as some people claim. It's to give a last blow on remaining farmers and to set up colossal shops that will have financial help and where they'll sell us what they want us to eat. It's as simple as this.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing such a great article. I really enjoyed reading it. We grow a lot of our own food in our gardens but I must say it is a lot of work. The food tastes so fresh though that it is worth it.

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author avatar vickylass
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

Agricultural work was never an easy one, but you're fortunate to have a plot to grow your own food.

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