Foods That Heal And Prevent Disease In Your Body.

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Did you know that by eating the correct foods you can lose weight effortlessly, prevent disease in your body, reverse the symptoms of disease that may already be there, and you can feel GREAT and have abundant energy!

The Body In A State Of Renewal

Did you know that your body is in a constant state of renewal. And when you give your body exactly what it needs and avoid the things that harm it, the rate of renewal you will experience will surprise you!

The food you eat is not just calories that give you energy and fuel your body...

It's, cellular fuel, immune support, free-radical defense, detoxification, hormonal balance, and glowing skin all wrapped up in a delicious, disease-fighting package.

That is, if you're eating the right foods.

I found out through reading and research that you can prevent Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, weight gain, common cold, flu, premature aging, cataracts and IBS ?

I Feel Like A Million Bucks!

Personally, I have taken a new look at what goes into my body. All of my life I have struggled with excess weight. I have never really been obese, but just always had 15 to 20 extra pounds that I could never really keep off my body. And, I always felt like I didn't have any energy. I would get colds and the flu every year, and I had some problems with digestion. Sometimes I would go on a diet and lose 15 or 20 pounds for a while and then lose interest in the diet and then gain it all back again. I know doing that wasn't healthy! So, I decided to take a look at what was actually passing my lips and going into my body.

So, what I did was I read a few books and researched how food can heal the body! What I was looking for was a way to be able to eat food, be healthy, and look my best.

The Technology Behind Nutrition

With so many preservatives and chemicals in processed food, it's no wonder we as a nation are getting fatter and sicker. Technology has helped us learn more about nutrition and how the body works, but it's also technology and the "advancements" in food science that has caused the rise of chronic disease.

The improvements in our food that were meant to make our lives "easier" and more convenient have come with some issues. And those issues are our health.
Regardless of your age or the diseases you might have, you can protect and restore your health and burn away fat using the power of eating the right foods.

The Best Food For Our Body

What I have found to be the best foods for our bodies is a vegetable based (alkaline based) diet. When I say vegetable based diet I don't mean eat all vegetables and become a vegetarian. I just mean add more vegetables in with whatever you are going to eat. (Hopefully, natural unprocessed foods)

Vegetables have incredible healing powers! They are full of vitamins, protein, anti-oxidants, chlorophyll (essential for healthy blood) and amino acids.

So, I will give you an example of the way I do it. I have a salad with every meal. Even breakfast. I do it in the form of a drink in the morning. I make a vegetable shake to drink in the morning.

For lunch I have a really big salad with all of the vegetables I can eat. Lot's of deep dark colored vegetables too! And, I usually don't use any dressing. For me it's all about the taste of the vegetable. I want it in it's purest form. You can put dressing on it if you like but for me, I like none. Sometimes I add meat and sometimes I don't. I might substitute the meat with beans instead.

Drink tons of water!! I love water anyway, so this was easy for me. But, drinking water cleans your system.

For dinner I usually have some kind of meat like fish, or chicken, and sometimes steak. But, I do this keeping in mind that I load up the plate with tons of vegetables!

I am not a vegetarian but, I think the vegetarian way of eating is a good one. We can all learn a little bit about how to treat our bodies by studying the healing properties of vegetables.


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