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In the Human Services arena we are called upon to report our interactions with the clients/customers we meet. This can be time-consuming. A concise style can save time to allow you to spend more time meeting client's needs.The sample below can give you a means to report what needs to be known in a style that can be learned quickly. It can also make it easier to be reviewed by supervisors, other practitioners, and quality reviewers at higher levels within the organization.

Headings or Subtitles

Some organizations have specific forms used in the reporting of an interview outcome. Depending upon the agency's reporting guidelines, headings or subtitles may be permitted and can be very helpful in the report preparation process. Eligibility and Entitlement Data, Veteran's History, Assessment of Abilities and Aptitudes and Interests, were three of the headings used in the preparation of reports of Veterans seeking Vocational Rehabilitation services.

The headings or subtitles should meet the needs of the report preparer and anyone who might be reading the report at a later time.

The Reader or Reviewer

The Reader or Reviewer-who will be reading the completed written report? If it is only the preparer, the degree of detail could be lessened, depending upon the interviewer’s ability to remember details. If this is for an individual in a private practice, the amount of detail can be decided based upon the services sought by the client, or the specialty of the service provider.

The frequency with which the interviewer meets with the interviewee should also be considered in the amount of information being incorporated into the report. An intake interview prepared for another professional, who will continue to provide services, should be as in-depth as possible for the benefit of both the client and the subsequent interviewer.

If the written report is being prepared for an agency the criteria or standard format for reporting should be reviewed, and the above sample Incorporated within the criteria of the agency. If the report will be reviewed to determine the quality of services provided by the interviewer to the client, the amount of detail may be dictated by the mission of the agency or organization provided the services. The purpose of the interview should be stated should be stated if the agency or organization provides a variety of services.

The format for the written report presented below focuses on the chronology of the life of the individual. The eight items presented in the first sentence could vary depending upon the preference of the interviewer. The advantage of the structure or format is that it becomes easier for the individual preparing the report to prepare future reports:continued use of the format will increase the speed in the preparation of future reports.

It also will become valuable to subsequent readers in that they will learn to quickly find specific information they are seeking or if they regularly review the report for quality of services provided to the interviewee.

A Sample Written Report

The narrative presented below is an example of a concise report format that could be used in a variety of settings. Each sentence attempts to present as much information as possible using the fewest words.

Introduction: Keenan Kale (1-name of interviewee/client) is a 25-year-old (2-age) single (3-marital status) African-American (4-nationality) male (5-gender) who was seen on 01/25/2018 (6-date of interview) by Tamika Smith (7-name of initial contact person) to determine his eligibility for vocational services (8-purpose of interview).

Mr. Kale (1-name) was born on January 1, 1993 (2-date of birth) to Donald and Melissa Kale (3-name of parents) in Wilmington, North Carolina (4-place of birth). Keenan has no other siblings. The client attended North Wilmington High School (1-formal education), pursuing vocational training in electronics (2-curriculum), and graduated in 1991 (3-year of graduation).
Mr. Kale worked as a Server (1-job title) for McDonald's (2-employer) during his senior year in high school (3-time and duration of employment) in Wilmington (4-location). Keenan spent his summer after high school working as a lifeguard (1-job title) at the YMCA (2-employer) in a suburb of Wilmington (3-location). Following his graduation from high school the client enlisted in the U.S. Air Force (1-post high school employer) and completed a 26 week course (2-length of training) in Radar Technology (3-name of military occupational specialty).


The hope of this article is to provide a means ot helping you as the interviewer to increase the efficiency of your report writing. I worked as a Counselor for 40 years. I interviewed thousands of clients, I never met another Counselor, Social Worker, or Psychologist who did not have an over-sized case load, All wished for some means of overcoming some of the struggle of providing quality services to individuals, and meeting the demands of their agency for a quality report of the services they provided to their clients.


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