For mothers, the new look of this fact may be confused or even frightened, why with my baby? reasonable?

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Babies born widow does have its own unique facts. Starting from the unique physical characteristics to the shape of her body. Here are the facts unique newborn:

some of the unique facts in infants (you should know)

- Baby Skin Wrinkles

The newborn's skin tends to wrinkle and dry due to the condition of the structure and components of a newborn baby's skin is complete, it's just that the skin is not functioning perfectly. Newborn skin surface contains a layer called vernix caseosa, which serves as a protective layer of skin, and it will disappear by itself after a few days.

- Baby Sleep Tend Continues

Newborn babies need to sleep 17-20 hours per day with a period of no more than 5 hours and no more than 2 or 3 hours of awakening. Breastfed babies from bottles, sleeping longer than that given mother's milk for babies whose mothers drank less milk when the milk gets to eat them, so need more frequent feeding. Often Cry cry baby if the baby could be granted only thirst, bedwetting or uncomfortable. However, if the child cried continuously for several hours and inconsolably, needs to watch out. The fix is breastfed infants, being held and rocked gently so he felt calm. However, if it has not changed then see your doctor.

- Pulsed fontanel When the baby is born,

top of his head does not immediately shut down. Under the fontanel there are tissues, such as skin, fat, membranes that cover the lining of the brain to the cerebrospinal fluid. Therefore, the fontanel soft and throbbing. Baby health conditions can also be seen from the top of his head. If large fontanel baby sinking into the concave, it indicates the baby is dehydrated or dehydrated body. Conversely, if fontanelnya prominent and more tense, there may be an increased pressure in the brain (intracranial), either because of increased cerebrospinal fluid, inflammation or the presence of crowding-something.

- Infant Breathing Disorders

Irregular breathing on the baby will look up to the age of about 3 months. Breathing rhythm then decreased, becoming more regular. White spots on the face of the baby spot called "milia" and classified as normal. Growth "milia" is influenced by maternal hormones are still contained within the body of the baby. "Milia" sweat and oil glands are enlarged or clogged in the skin and usually disappears after 3-4 months of age.

- Infant puffy eyes as much dirt in the eyes of the eyes

Your baby wakes up frequently swollen? The swelling is caused by clogged drains tears. This swelling is often occurs in newborns and harmless. Appearance was just a little bit but every day. You can overcome this swollen with tears slowly massage that channel open. Start the massage from the base of the nose toward the baby's nose (from top to bottom) slowly.

- Umbilical Cord Blood off

Umbilical cord of newborns usually grayish white, shiny and slippery. After several days, the umbilical cord will turn into a purplish black, wrinkled and shrunk. Navel going off within 3-10 days postpartum and the wound will dry within 1 week.

- Weight Decreased

Weight newborns will be down for three days after birth and usually up to 10 percent of birth weight. This can happen because the newborn would rather sleep than eat. It was only in the second week of the baby's weight will increase. While Bending legs newborn baby, baby legs will look bent. This is due to follow position when the baby is still in the womb. But over time the position of his feet would turn out to be straight as it should be.

- Baby Hands and Feet Cold

Although hands and feet cold, it does not mean the baby was cold most important is the chest and stomach feels warm. This is because blood flow in the newborn's body prioritized towards organs that are important in the body's metabolic processes first, for example, to the brain, lungs and heart. Only after that, the flow of the blood to other organs and limbs most recently flowed so naturally if cold. Wrapping the baby's arms and legs can indeed cope with the cold, but do not always wrap it because the skin also needs to breathe.


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