Forty years ago Anglina Jolie would have been considered "crazy"!!

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The choice Angelina Jolie made, once again reinforced my belief to always, ALWAYS, follow my instincts and do what I believe is best, no matter what others might say, which might include fighting for my way!

Forty years ago there wasn't a right to choose!

Forty or so years ago, when my mom had her first mastectomy she asked her doctor if he would also remove her right breast as a precaution. He was appalled by her request and suggested she seek counseling for what he thought might be a "mental breakdown". Of course she felt like a "crazy" fool and probably apologized. Six months later a malignant tumor was discovered in the breast she asked to have removed. This time cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, which after removal, rendered her arm nearly useless and leaving her arm and shoulder in constant pain following the second mastectomy. Had she fought for her way, all of that could have been avoided.

Twenty years ago... still not much choice!

Twenty years ago, during my routine mammography, something suspicious was discovered. After a needle biopsy confirmed it was nothing more than a benign calcification, since I'm at high risk, I made the same request' "lop them both off so I don't have to worry" - with what I've got, it wouldn't have been much of a loss:) - My doctor had the same reaction as my mom's doctor did. "Are you out of your mind? do you realize what you're asking? you want to purposely disfigure your body?" And so I too cowered, listened and thought I was crazy for even thinking such a thing. Thank God I've had no issues and pray I never will.

2013: A choice is empowering!

And now in 2013, preventive surgery is not only acceptable, but regarded as a powerful and brave decision!

In Gods Hands... but....

While I firmly believe ultimately it's in Gods hands. When He decides your time on earth is over, nothing can change the plan. Proven by my mom who survived the mastectomies, recovered and lived for fifteen years cancer free but eventually died from renal failure. However, I also believe God wants us to do what we can to take care of ourselves in the years He gives us, and if preventive surgery assists that effort, do it!

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Which brings me back to my first statement... Listen to advice, analyze its value, then follow your own heart and mind to what's right for you. In the end you're the one who lives with the decision!


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