Frigidity in women

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Frigidity means coldness and when a woman has no desire for sexual relations or experiences no pleasure when she has sexual relations, she is said to be frigid. Some suffer only from lack of desire, other suffer only from lack of pleasure, and still, yet others suffer from both. In some cases the frigidity is congenital, that is, the lack of desire with an inability to experience pleasure during the act is inborn.

The important causes of frigidity in women

Frigidity is much widespread among women than it is among men. The causes of frigidity in women are many. The causes include the following:
1. The first one is the repression of all sexual manifestations which the unmarried woman has to practice, and has had to practice for so long. So that a part of the frigidity is hereditary. It cannot entirely eradicate a natural instinct, but that by continually repressing it, by giving it no chance to assert itself, it may weaken it.

2. The second cause is masturbation. A person that has been addicted to excessive masturbation is very apt to develop not only frigidity, but a complete aversion to the sexual act, and inability to experience any pleasure or orgasm.

3. The third important cause is a sexual weakness in the husband. When the husband is sexually weak when his suffering from premature ejaculations, he either fails to awaken the sexual instinct in the woman or if it has been awakened, it is apt to turn not only into frigidity but into an aversion to the act.

4. The fourth cause is often merely disliked towards the husband. The last two causes, which is the weakness of the husband and the dislike towards him, are unfortunately very frequent, and a wife who was frigid with one husband may show herself very passionate on marrying another man.

Other causes maybe disease of the uterus, laceration of the cervix, fear of pregnancy, inflammation of the ovaries, vaginismus, the disease of the thyroid gland, etc.

It is an unfortunate fact that women who were frigid up to the age of forty or so may become very passionate after that age. Nothing can be done to the treatment of frigidity that is congenital but other kinds of frigidity, however, can be cured.


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